Pro Panel Art Background stands / Panels. These are in almost showroom condition and were used inside in a photographic studio for display of photographs. PROPanels are extremely well known and respected as one of the very best background stands for art shows, festivals, and you can see them at any arts and craft shows you may wish to attend.
They will do a great job if you wish to have display unit backgrounds for an art / craft tent.
I have (4) 7' x 38.5" and (4) 7' x 30" for a total of 8 panels - plus the stiffeners, picture hangers, and matching carrier. See Pictures. Current price on these new from ProPanels is around $1250. ... I will sell these extremely good units for $800. They are no use to me or anyone else sitting in the garage. 
They are located in Homosassa ..... email for further information or to purchase (don't believe they will last long) Pick up only ... 




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  • Sold

  • are these panels sold?

    • I still have them ... several people have inquired, but the 1st one that confirms with the purchase amount will get them. They are really a big benefit to someone who understands what they are  ... a great sale too.




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