I have two 38"x80" Drake green pro panels for sale. In good condition. I am sailing them because I have just purchased a whole booth set of pro panels and no longer need them.

I also have 7 louvre panels made of wood that are in heights from 55" to 76" . All are 18" wide. In good condition. I strapped them together with zip ties. Again I no longer need due to getting a complete pro panel booth set up. I am asking $100 for them and a $100 for the pro panels. Shipping is extra. 

2 - 55"

3 - 67"

2 - 76"

I am located in west central Kentucky. 



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  • I know it's been years but any chance you still have a few of the dark green propanels left?


  • The wooden panels are SOLD. The green pro panels are still available. I am located in west central Kentucky.
  • Location?

    Larry Berman

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