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I do fine art shows and have debated how to show my prices. I like putting the price on back of the pendants, but today I’m trying prices directly on busts. Not sure I like it. I do spend a lot of time saying “the price is in the back” but this method seems “unprofessional”. I’ve also tried hanging tags and don’t like those at all. What do you think?

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I have always been of the mindset to make it easy for the customer so the price in view on the bust seems like the right way to me. I would not want the customer to have to ask.

As a painter the price is on the wall next to the painting but still on the back of the art (or on the clear sleeve for matted non-framed watercolors and oils) so no mix-ups can happen.

I would still have the price on the back of the pendant to avoid mix-ups like someone putting the pendant back on the wrong bust but put them on the bust.

It's going to depend on where/how you "show", and if you have multiples of a given style/price.

If you can group pendants with the same price together, a sign near the grouping would work (assuming the customers "see" it), although if they can "touch" the pendants, I'd suggest the tags on the back in addition, in case they get put back in the wrong spot. Set one on a bust with the price, and set that behind/next to a flocked jewelry board of the same style/price... and space that a bit from another bust/jewelry board combo, etc. If they are hanging, again you can group price by rack.

Another option, would be to give "control numbers" to pieces-- and provide a price list-- Style A, $XX, Style B, $XY, etc. List could be posted and/or handed to interested customers. This is like some painters do shows; it has the advantage that you can change prices en mass by making a new price list, rather than making new stickers for everything.

Put the pendants on cards-- and have the price on the front of the card. It's kinds of a pain to wire/tie them to the cards, but that way, all the info is "up front"; I've used "business cards" for this, with all the business info at the bottom (vertically), then punch a couple of small holes near the top, and run a wire, string or ribbon through them and the pendant, and tie in back. I use the same cards for earring cards, and for hang tags. People with larger pendants, or ones on chains, use postcards in the same manner. Both can be pinned to a cork board type display, or grouped in holders made to hold those sizes of cards. 


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