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Forgive, if this was discussed before. I did see where someone had advised to use a 500 watt Portable Power Station. I looked at Lowe's today & I am confused. It said 750 Amp & upon reading the internal papers it said it could only pull 200 watts continuously. I plan to use 6 LED lights with comparable 60 watts each. Please help me understand what I need.

Thanks so much, Peggy

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Here's the battery I had:

Listed as 12 Volt 35AH

To be sure, it's a small size battery and easy to carry around... but I messed up with that purchase. Too small... gives me a headache trying to watch the sky "oh clouds out put the lights on!" Lol

Your two 15 Watt lights together draw 2.5 amps from the battery. Kick in at least another amp for inverter inefficiency and you're up to 3.5 amps. That should get you about 10 hours of operation if the battery is fully charged, but two lights isn't enough to light up one wall. Use three lights and you're guaranteed at best 4-5 hours operation. If you aren't using a deep cycle charger, you won't get full capacity out of the battery.

I was next to one guy a few years ago who wasn't messing around. He built a rolling skid with 8" casters for four large marine batteries, had a box enclosure over it, inverter built into the inside of the box, and had multiple gang wall outlets on the side of the box. Blasted thing must have weighed 350 pounds or more. OTOH, he ran a bunch of lights and fans all weekend long and still didn't run out of power. That's about the point where a medium generator is more practical but many shows don't allow them.

Robert has given some great advice. I have been using batteries for 2 years now. I use 2 marine deep cycle group 24 batteries in parallel. The deep cycle battery is designed for long draws of power and the group 24 is the size of the battery not necessarily the amp/hour rating. These last all day (10+ hours) running 8 -10 watt LEDs , music, charge phones and power a couple of small fans ( gets hot in the booth). The batteries are into their 2nd year and doing fine. Over the winter hook the battery up to a battery tender ( $30). It keeps a small charge going all the time. You can get the tender at a battery store or at any motorcycle shop.

Only down side is, as has been mentioned, these suckers are heavy.


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