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I'm participating in a show that does not offer electricity and runs into the nightime hours. They do not allow gasoline generartors.

I have looked into Portable Power Stations but, am not sure what might be the best kind to buy.

I need something that would last at most 3 hours of juice for for just a couple of lights. Are there certain things I should look for like amps or wattage? What do you use and what do you like or not like about what you use.

Thoughts, suggestions.



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What kind of show would run into the night and not have electricity? Don't tell me. I really don't want to know. The real question is: Why would anyone consider doing a show like that, let alone do it?

The ones that get me are the shows that run into the night, and provide free electricity, but the artists don't bring any lights. Watching them sit out the last hour or two in the dark inside their pitiful little booth is just the saddest sight ever, Barry.

LOL to both answers above.

You can go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a small recharging station. It will do the job if you use CFL or LED bulbs. But when it comes to portable power, heavy equals more time.

Most people when faced with carrying power will go with one or two deep cycle marine batteries and an automotive charger. They are heavier, but last longer. You need an inverter to power your lights as well. This subject has been covered before so I won't elaborate too much. Walmart sells a decent marine battery for about $100. A little 500 watt inverter will power 5 or 6 CFLs and a credit card machine. And just about any trickle charger that will do deep cycle batteries will work, too. Ask the automotive guys at Walmart or Sears.

Barry, you know sometimes you have to do what you have to do...........Jim, thanks for the info, sounds like  the battery with an inverter may be the way to go.

I just spoke with my resident advisor on what lights to use for you, Doug. I've got it all right here, then he read Jim's answer and he said that was an even better idea! Many jewelers carry batteries so they can light their cases all day long, so you could check out what they are using also, though I'd bet they are using Jim's suggestion.

We use a deep cycle marine battery, inverter & LED lights.  Our current battery lasts 11 hours and 15 minutes with all lights running, we found that out at our one show that has a 12 hour day (9AM-9PM), our booth went dark at 8:15 PM and sales abruptly stopped when people couldn't tell if we had gold, silver or copper jewelry.  Well worth the investment, if we had paid for electricity at all shows in 2013 that offered it, we would have spent $385 in electrical fees, plus we had at least 10 shows where electricity wasn't even offered and we were able to have lights on which is great when it's cloudy/rainy (a frequent occurrence in Seattle), we're in the shade or it's early evening.

Thanks Connie,that is sounding more and more like a good idea........Ruth, I'm glad you added the fact of how much you saved by using your own electricity and not counting on each show. That's is definately something to think about. It can make a big difference.


Doug - it makes a huge difference for us.  The first summer we had our new light setup, we had a show where we were the only booth with lights at 8 PM.  Guess who was the last booth still making sales that evening???  Yep, it definitely helps, of course, one of us was also spending half our time chasing other artists out of the booth and having the conversation about how we had power outside the booth while the other one was handling the business transactions.    Be prepared that if you have power at a show and no other artist does, you will be innundated with questions, requests to charge cell phones, etc.  Have a plan on how to handle that or you will find that other artists can be a big distraction and some aren't very aware of the fact that they might be negatively impacting your sales.  This has actually been a bigger problem than you would think.

I guess you could say the spot light was on you think I would rather have the questions than the dark abiss and let the dice roll on the other issues that may arise. Thanks for the heads up!!!

Try this - I use 6 of these in my tent. They work great.

I've seen miniature battery operated power sources advertised which will charge led tracklights, theoretically for a day.

Does anyone have any experience with these? 


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