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Please advise re: condensation danger with overnight outdoor shows.


I'm a photographer and have just scheduled my first two overnight outdoor shows, both within blocks from the ocean (in NJ (Asbury Park and Tuckerton)).

I have a Flourish Trimline with regular and mesh walls and a roof and my big concern is whether I have to protect my work--framed prints and canvases--from condensation and how I might best do that without removing everything from the walls.

Thanks for any consideration.


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I just did a show on the Gloucester waterfront and I did see some artists and photographers use plastic drop cloths from Home Depot to cover all their work at night.

The main problem I've had with humidity is with the museum grade mattes that are double thickness. Those seem to be more susceptible to warping than the standard mattes. The closer to the ground, the more problems with wavy mattes. I now take those up and place them in the flip bins at night. One cure is to use shim strips made of matte board instead of spring clips. The clips apply more pressure in spots and the mattes don't absorb humidity evenly, hence the warping. Using foam-cor backers helps a lot to distribute pressure on the matte as opposed to the thin chip board backers. 

I've had virtually no problem with condensation inside frames, and I've done shows since 1988. There have been times where condensation formed on the glass outside but never enough to drip down and get soaked into the matte. I don't take pieces down overnight either unless there is a chance of a severe thunderstorm. 

Brett, thanks for posting this, as it popped up in my search re: condensation concerns, of which I have many LOL. Wendy, thank you for the tip re: the DampRid, I'm ordering some bags that I can hang up in the tent overnight from Amazon!


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