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Hi all,

I'm a newbie here, and wanted to get some opinions from people "in the know."  I'm a fine-art landscape photographer who's going to be selling matted prints at art fairs.  I'm spending the money now and attempting to "do it right" in the interest of increased sales…it's either a really great or really terrible idea, depending on how it all turns out.  :-)  So far, I've ordered the ProPanels walls, ProPanels lighting package, and TrimLine tent.

My question pertains to my lighting situation and how it impacts my tent options.  I have the option to purchase the canopy with the skylight or without the skylight, no change to cost.  My theory is that the skylight works great for folks who sell pottery, jewelry, clothing, etc, who benefit mainly from natural light.  As a photographer who will be using a battery-powered lighting setup, I additionally theorize that having a skylight may ultimately turn into a detriment, creating hot spots on my framed/glass-covered prints in instances when the sun is directly overhead.  (I will be using anti-reflective acrylic to cover the framed pieces, as well as diffusers over my 3500k lighting setup, so I'm not too worried about hot spots from artificial lighting.)

Am I on target, here?  I could also purchase the tent with the skylight and simply add a fabric diffuser when necessary, although anything I can do to cut down on setup hassle would be beneficial.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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When I had a Craft Hut, I had three skylights. One in the center and one over each side wall starting 12 inches up from the side. That light up the walls beautifully.

Now if I need lights, I just throw a box of small (5 inch) reflector clip on lights and extension cords into my mini van. I feel the color temperature doesn't matter because the viewer's eyes adjust, and any light is better than no light.

Larry Berman

The more light the better. When it gets dark and cloudy, you will want more light.

Thanks guys!  I went with the skylight, figuring it's better to have it and be able to cover it up, than to need it and not have one.  I appreciate your advice.


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