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Hi Guys,

I know the members of this forum are savvy in getting to shows and handling the expenses better than I am, since I am just getting back to showing again this past Fall.

Consequently, I landed three shows in a row in Florida in February. That means two and a half weeks of motels or rentals that will hopefully be offset by good sales.The problem is that the closer you get to Miami and Boca the more expensive it gets. There is nothing on and that is remotely affordable for me. I haven't heard from the shows concerning breaks on hotels so I expect that these shows are big enough to not worry about that and I just need to book it myself.

My question is; does anyone know a way to get better rates or sites on the internet that might be better prices? Also, is there some site that gets you in touch with other artists that might want to rent a condo or an apt.? I am doing Mt. Dora, Boca Museum Show and Coconut Grove, which I am stoked about, but I might just be sleeping in my van and that might hurt my sales worse that anything-HA! (kidding i think). I do know that you have to spend money to make money, but if anybody has some insider suggestions I would be eternally grateful. Thank you so much.

marge luttrell

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I do only originals too. So, it sounds like it might be a good show for me. Hope so.

Good luck there. I know for a fact that some of the local museums are connected to some private galleries around as well. Getting exposed is good!

If you don't mind bare bones accommodations, you can get great prices staying at hostels. Just google hostels and the most prominent sites will pop up. In case you don't know what hostels are, they are very plain and usually very small rooms, shared or private, some with shared bathrooms. They are very popular in Europe, not as well known here. I stayed in one in San Diego and it was fine. My only complaint was that the bed was uncomfortable. But the bathrooms were clean and they had a coffee shop. Just check them out and try to find some reviews so you can narrow down the better ones. Good luck!

Thanks Susan- That is an option I had not thought of-

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help out a Florida newbie. This is just another reason why I love this site. Thank you Connie for making it possible for all of us in this life to help each other through the minefield and come out on the other side with more and better ideas and a feeling that we are all in this together. Happy Holidays to everyone! see you in February-

Look under house hunting on this site.   There is a post looking for a roommate for the Grove show.

just curious...what is SS and what is AA...thanks


Sal, that makes no sense as those initials are not used in this thread. Your question has no context and makes no sense, much less why you ask that on a 19 month old dead post.

Robert.....I really don't think it required  that kind of response..........a simple I don't know or  no response would have been adequate 

Answering a nonsequiter is always a tough response, and given a context would have helped tremendously. There are multiple answers for either choice, but your question comes out of left field. There is no point in playing guessing games. Sorry if you feel offended.

SS could have been super sonic, super sport, a Nazi military unit, the aforementioned Social Security, slow & stupid, sexy and sultry, among others. AA could have been antiaircraft, ack-ack, a bond rating, Attempted Assault among others. Without a proper context for the question, there is no appropriate answer.

Social Security and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Don't overlook the value of a small bumper-pull camper.  Campgrounds are cheap!


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