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Original ProPanels with telescoping legs for 10x10 Booth - Portland, Oregon

For sale: Nine, 7’ tall x 38.5” wide Original ProPanels with telescoping legs that are useful for additional height or uneven terrain.

The color is Oatmeal.

Also included are: 2 sets of nine skirts that are 38.5” wide: 12” & 18” in height.

Accessories not included.

The panels and skirts are in good condition.

To buy these new would cost $1,575 plus an additional $175 for shipping.

Price:  $ 980

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Molly -

Good morning. Your setup looks like it might be a great fit for what I am currently shopping for. Two questions for you: How old is the model you are using and would you be willing to freight ship this? I would certainly be willing to cover the shipping cost and and hassle factor to you.

I can be reached here or via cell at 518-424-0930.


Jim Rodewald

Hello Jim,

I will be happy to deliver the panels to a shipping company in my vicinity and you can arrange for the packing and shipping through that company.

I think that I purchased these in 2010, but I can look for the receipts if you need an exact date.  Or I can call ProPanel because I know that they keep track of sales.

Let me know if this works for you.

Regards to you as well,


Molly -

Thank you very much for your prompt response, very much appreciated. I mulled it all over a little more yesterday and decided to go with a set closer to home here in NY. I really appreciate your willingness, however, and I hope you find a buyer shortly. They look like they are in great shape.


Jim Rodewald

Hi Jim,

I think that you have made the right choice.  Shipping for something this size is expensive.  Best of luck in all your endeavors.

Artfully Yours,


Hi Molly, I am going to be in Portland this weekend and am interested in these pro panels.

You are not selling the stiffeners or support bars, correct?

Hi Alyson,

Great to talk with you and I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.

If you have any questions just give a call.

Artfully Yours,


Hi Molly, do you still have your Pro Panels available? If so I would love to take a look at them. I am also in Portland, and could pick them up from your location. Let me know here, or shoot me an email to



Hi Miles,   The panels have been sold.  Sorry, Molly

Would you be willing to ship 3-4 panels with skirts to Vermont?  If so, could you provide total cost?


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