For sale: Nine, 7’ tall x 38.5” wide Original ProPanels with telescoping legs that are useful for additional height or uneven terrain.

The color is Oatmeal.

Also included are: 2 sets of nine skirts that are 38.5” wide: 12” & 18” in height.

Accessories not included.

The panels and skirts are in good condition.

To buy these new would cost $1,575 plus an additional $175 for shipping.

Price:  $ 980

Booth shot (10).jpg

Booth Shot (9).jpg


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  • Would you be willing to ship 3-4 panels with skirts to Vermont?  If so, could you provide total cost?

  • Hi Molly, do you still have your Pro Panels available? If so I would love to take a look at them. I am also in Portland, and could pick them up from your location. Let me know here, or shoot me an email to



    • Hi Miles,   The panels have been sold.  Sorry, Molly

  • Hi Molly, I am going to be in Portland this weekend and am interested in these pro panels.

    You are not selling the stiffeners or support bars, correct?

    • Hi Alyson,

      Great to talk with you and I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.

      If you have any questions just give a call.

      Artfully Yours,


  • Molly -

    Good morning. Your setup looks like it might be a great fit for what I am currently shopping for. Two questions for you: How old is the model you are using and would you be willing to freight ship this? I would certainly be willing to cover the shipping cost and and hassle factor to you.

    I can be reached here or via cell at 518-424-0930.


    Jim Rodewald

    • Hello Jim,

      I will be happy to deliver the panels to a shipping company in my vicinity and you can arrange for the packing and shipping through that company.

      I think that I purchased these in 2010, but I can look for the receipts if you need an exact date.  Or I can call ProPanel because I know that they keep track of sales.

      Let me know if this works for you.

      Regards to you as well,


      • Molly -

        Thank you very much for your prompt response, very much appreciated. I mulled it all over a little more yesterday and decided to go with a set closer to home here in NY. I really appreciate your willingness, however, and I hope you find a buyer shortly. They look like they are in great shape.


        Jim Rodewald

        • Hi Jim,

          I think that you have made the right choice.  Shipping for something this size is expensive.  Best of luck in all your endeavors.

          Artfully Yours,


This reply was deleted.