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We are deciding on which way to work our schedule and would appreciate any and all help in deciding what would be the best show to do. We will be doing Madison, then Ann Arbor, we have accepted Orchard Lake and Suttons Bay and have to decide by tomorrow.Do we cancel Orchard Lake, go back to New York and make more pieces,then drive back to Suttons Bay?

We are high end wearable fiber, we live in Manhattan and we drive a Nissan Maxima w a roof top carrier.

Thanks in advance! We would love to hear from anyone with experience in doing these two shows!

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Great to see you here, Maureen! So would you be talking about four shows in a row here? Is that the reason for the question? Are these all new shows for you? Done any of them before? If the question is when to go home to restock, it definitely won't be because you sold too much at Orchard Lake. What about figuring out someway to really stock up now and have someone ship restock to you in Michigan, say your hotel room in Ann Arbor so you'll feel comfortable about not running back to New York. Michigan is a lovely place in July and we're talking about 4 days on the road where you could be on Lake Michigan. Heck you could ship it to my house (about 1 1/2 hours from Ann Arbor) and pick it up here. 

Hi Connie! Thanks for your kind offer. We are staying with my brother in Saline for Ann Arbor. We will be in our 3rd year of Ann Arbor. Madison, Orchard Lake and Suttons Bay would be 1st time shows for us. We would love to be able to crank right now and at the end of June until we leave again for Madison, hopefully we will. We also considered passing on Orchard Lake, and maybe even Suttons Bay, and heading back to NYC to prepare for Port Clinton and Sausalito.

We may not be able to do Port Clinton because of linguistics alone, flying out of Chicago to San Francisco,parking our car there, then driving back to NYC afterward. These are all good problems to have, we would love any suggestions.We have not done Port Clinton, however, the North Chicago area seems to be good (not great) for us. This will be our first year at Sausalito.

Peace, Maureen

I have never attended Sutton's Bay, but do know its sweet Lake Michigan location, in the heart of the tourist season where you may/may not meet the sophisticated people you are looking for. For many years we did the Charlevoix show, which is the weekend after Sutton's Bay, and not that far away. I always considered it our vacation, to go "up north" and hang out in this lovely area. Only artists could consider traveling six hours to get to a show, working the show, and then coming home a vacation ;)

Orchard Lake is definitely in the right location for well-to-do fashionable women to attend, just not sure it is worth your time to make the long trek to NYC and back again. Considering the three shows the one I'd be least likely to drop is Port Clinton. 

Hi Connie,

I love how we consider driving hundreds of miles a vacation! We are most probably going to pass on Orchard Lake and possibly do Suttons Bay. We have also been accepted to Lakewood's one day show and it is 800 miles less driving than Suttons Bay,and we can stay w family, do you know about this show? I went on the discussion forum before applying to Lakewood and heard good things about it. I honestly never thought we would be considered for all of these shows, we know we are lucky and do not take anything for granted.

Peace and Love, Maureen

As I recall, Maureen, you have not only clothing unlike anyone else's but you also have a terrific booth shot. No Pro Panels, just an inviting boutique that really stands out from the crowd.

Don't know much about Lakewood. Quick, one day in and out, nice area, but don't hear much talk about it. Did you search this site for info?


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