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we were just given an old caravan canopy from our potter friend who no longer does outdoor shows.  we are guessing the canopy is about 10 years old.  we are embarking on a new adventure - outdoors shows - have 4 lined up for this year. 

we have 25 lb weights for each side - total 100 pounds.  do we need to double the weights?

do caravan canopies have the same issues with rain as ez ups, water collection and if so, would you receommend the hoola hop resolution and if so, how many and regular size hoola hoop?

do we need to buy stabiliizers and if so, what kind?

what questions should we be asking but don't even know?

thanks - deborah

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Hi Deborah,

I also have an old Caravan. I purchased a refurbished top and sides from Caravan for $106. It was a perfect affordable solution for me this first year. I've only done a few shows so far, so I can't give you a response with the weight of years of experience. At the first show I did, the two vendors near me sustained serious damage due to the intense wind gusts. Because of information I learned via this amazing website, I had ratchet tie-downs and spiral dog stakes at all 4 corners. My booth shook like crazy, but was never going to blow away like my neighbors. I shudder to think what would have happened to my oil paintings if I had not prepared like I had-nightmare scenario.


I have  4, $1.00 pool noodles  to keep rain from pooling in the four corners in the event of rain. and I also have PVC tube weights that I made. So far so good.


There is mucho info available on this site. Good luck!

What are the pool noodles? And, how do you attach them?

I have an ez up I use for one day shows. Thanks!


Pool noodles are those large long colorful floating Styrofoam noodles for kids to play with in swimming pools- any discount mart type of store carries them for a buck or two a piece. I learned about tis trick here at AFI....can't remember who posted it. But here is the info....

"We also learned a neat trick from our booth neighbor Susan at our last show and bought (4) of those colored (5 ft long 3 inch dia) "noodle" sponge things kids use for swimming (also can use foam pipe covers found at hardware stores/Home Depot. Bend in a U shape and extend from each corner of the EZ up - so the U is closest to the center top and ends tucked inside the brace on either side of the corner post. This takes the pressure off the area between the top and outside edges of the tent so water does not pool up."

Hula Hoops can also be used. I prefer the swim noodles, as they are more flexible and require less space to transport. Works like a charm! 

Karole, in Maine



I've also heard that if you put a frisbee on top of the middle canopy stake, it tightens up the cover and reduces leaks. Maybe there's a use for slinkies.


Maybe hmmm...if the metal slinkie is used...we could use it to artfully disguise all the cords for our electronics! LOL! Just kidding! But the frisbee idea... sounds promising! I'll be getting my tent up for airing this week, will post an answer to that!! 

Hey all...

tent is up and airing, as of yesterday. You know... I just had to try the frisbee idea!

Guess what-

it does work!! Will post pics later. I actually used an old resealable container, one of those chip - n- dip things, it has the center compartment to keep itself centered on the post! Keeps tent top taught so no rain pooled up when we got rain early this morning! My husband thinks I'm a nut job!! But hey, whatever works is my motto!! So feedback on frisbee idea is good!



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