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Notification dates have always been taken seriously by Promoters...NOT sure what the problems are these days. but WITHOUT MENTIONING SHOWS, several have not honored their dates. Has anyone else noticed this? Some not even mentioning until days after, telling you they are still working on the date & it won't be until next week. I haven't run into this before this year & I have to say i'm glad I double booked a few. Very concerning as other deadlines will pass in the meantime... 

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As the promoter for Art Spectacular at the Carillon (Springfield, IL), I think this is unacceptable!  Come on, promoters ... how would YOU like to be treated that way?  With Art Spectacular's application postmark deadline of 3/31, my practice is the jury meets in the 2nd week after the postmark deadline (on 4/11/19) and "accepts" are notified before I go to bed that night, and the others by the following day.  This may be partially why Art Spectacular was ranked in the Best 200 in the U.S. by Sunshine Artist Magazine in 2015, 2016, 2017, and #18 in 2018 - the only art fair in Central Illinois with this distinction.  

Thanks Bark Walker, it's so great that you work that way.

I only had this happen to me once, last year, a well known show. I didn't like that and did not reapply this year; I really don't need the show anyway. I was waitlisted last year. 

  Thank You Barb for being the 1st to respond!  To be honest, I'm surprised it was a Promoter that was 1st...How REFRESHING to hear from you Barb!!! You sound like a professional Promoter who expects Artists to honor your dates & rules, & you in turn deserve of the same fair treatment!  I need to note that the shows we applied to where we received "late notifications" are NEW to us- that we have never done in the past. Like any Artist, we are looking for shows in areas to expand our Business. highly respect the Promoters that we have done shows with!  I guess I've been stuck on ZAPP as it's so easy to apply, & that's why I missed your show! We are between shows that week-end & your show looks very inviting! You will most likely be hearing from us!  Regards, Kathleen V. Smith & Steven Hedstom

This is currently a situation with several of our shows and it is extremely frustrating.  We are demanded to have our applications in on time or we won't be considered.  We PAY to have these juried and responded to by their stated dates.  I am now in a holding pattern of not accepting other shows until I hear from these shows and am very disappointed by the lack of professionalism in not keeping to stated dates.  If they don't value us, professional artists, by keeping to their dates, should be valuing the show in return?  Extremely disappointing.

Hi Tina~We feel your pain-good luck to you both & thanks for responding!

Kathleen V. Smith & Steven Hedstrom

Thanks, Kathleen!  I definitely do respect and care about 'my' artists!  We treat them with respect, help and free food/beverages all weekend.  Art Spectacular is my life and my passion.  Art Spectacular is staffed entirely by volunteers (including me!) who do everything we can to make our artists happy and successful ... starting with acknowledging receipt of their applications.    I would love to hear from you, and anyone else who would like to participate in an art fair with 'heart'.  


Thank you Barb~Indeed you have passion & compassion & that truly means alot! Kathleen


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