No Tent Leaks for Us

Reading several past posts I have considered us lucky that we have never had leaking problems with our 5 year old EZ UP. Initially I thought it would only last a year and we'd replace with a better Craft Hut etc, but this one just won't die. After Saturday's continual heavy rain in Edina, I was still impressed with no leaks and it just occurred to me why - so I wanted to share with you. We are lifetime tent campers and learned 30+ years ago to waterproof our canvas tent top annually so it was habit that has us doing this with our booth tent each year. We have always used the KIWI brand Heavy Duty Water Repellant Spray. Completely covering the canvas top, let dry 24/48 hours and repeat. Found at most hardware stores it is now approximately $6 per can (we use 2 cans). We also learned a neat trick from our booth neighbor Susan at our last show and bought (4) of those colored (5 ft long 3 inch dia) "noodle" sponge things kids use for swimming (also can use foam pipe covers found at hardware stores/Home Depot. Bend in a U shape and extend from each corner of the EZ up - so the U is closest to the center top and ends tucked inside the brace on either side of the corner post. This takes the pressure off the area between the top and outside edges of the tent so water does not pool up.

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  • Hi Kendal,
    Forgive the quality of these photos - I quickly set up in garage to get pic for you so tent not fully extended - but you'll get the idea. Placement of the round area should be further out toward the center - not as close as shown here.
    These are the pipe covers found at hardware store - high density foam. Walmart has nice colored ones in kids sections and are a tad more firm, brightly colored and wavy instead of round. I got the pipe covers only because a hardware store was near the art fair - I rather like the kids colorful stiffer "noodles" better.



  • Do you or anyone have a photo of this by any chance? I've also heard of people using kid's "hula hoops" but I've never seen where they are placed.

    Until I find something used that I can afford, I've got to make do with what I have.


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