Hi !! I just wanted to share some useful info about No Contract Merchant Accounts with affordable rates and very affordable Wi-Fi service! I have found that not very many people are open to discussing their rates; not sure if it is a sense of competition or of privacy ; ) but I am more than happy to share my experience with you !

The company that I use has been great so far and their rates are not bad at all. What I like the most is that it is Pay as you Go; in other words there are no contracts to sign; no commitment therefore no cancellation fee and therefore no annual fee. If you use it a month they bill you if you don't they don't! I like it because we do not go to expo's or shows every month especially in the winter (Jan-Feb). The monthly fee is $6.95 a month plus the fee that charges the Authorize.net Gateway which is the "Virtual Terminal or Virtual Gateway" it is about $8.00 a month. Other than that you pay 1.59% + $0.21 if your transactions are swiped with a Magtek Credit Card swiper (they run anywhere from $30.00 - $50.00) that you would connect to either your Laptop or Blackberry if you have one. If you prefer to key in your transactions either at the time of payment (you will know right away if their payment is authorized) or at the end of the day when you get home you key in the info from your PC. The rates for the keyed in are: 2.14% + $0.24 per transaction. Which leads me to my original post of the wi-fi internet since I wanted to get a good deal and not have to pay too much for the internet.

So... I have been doing some research and found that Virgin Mobile recently launched a Prepaid wireless service. They have 2 options..either the MIFI 2200 which is an intelligent mobile hotspot (you can connect up to 5 devices) the unit runs between $150.00 and $175.00 and can save you paying for internet at your home since you will also be able to use the same device for your PC - Cell and Laptop etc... or they have a USB Ovation which is $75.00 and connects one device at a time weather a Cell phone - PC or Laptop or Ipod - IPad - PSP etc... They are both compatible with Windows and Mac as long your devices are wifi capable.

They offer two prepaid plan options... either $10.00 for $10 days or $40.00 for unlimited monthly use. If you don't need it you don't pay and you do not need to have a Virgin Mobile Cell phone to have their 3G Broadband to go service!!! It is pretty cool : )

Otherwise you could always go with the keyed in and still be paying less! All you would do is continue using the imprinter and key in the info at the time of payment or at the end of the day from home.

Here is the link to Virgin Mobile 3G that I mentioned: 


Also the company I go with is for a limited time offering free set-up of the Authorize.net gateway so it will not cost you anything for the actual program or for setting up the merchant account!!!

Let me know if anyone is interested I will send you a referral by e-mail!
E-mail me at: ethnicinspirations@hotmail.com

Hope this helped! Annie  : )

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  • beverly,It takes about 1.5 minutes for the dial-up to approve on site/ sometimes hard to hear at a show so I now wear a earplug to hear the next prompt. Commerce Payment paid me $100 to sign-up(last page of their 28 page primer of What not to do. If you want to give me the referall great but that was not my aim at bloging about commerce// they just made the best & simple sense and had no contract/// I understand that some need the latest stuff // but I will not give more of My Money to pay those larger fees. There is much that has been blogged on this subject. Hope this has helped Read that fine print. Fair Winds, Bill Slade
  • Thanks for the great info; the virtual terminal is another great LOW-COST option and you are 1000% c on the NO CONTRACT/ keep it simple, why give anyone more of your money/ I will say that Commerce Payment also has dial-up $4.95 month/ no contract/ and paid me $100 just to sign up/ they have virtual don't know rates -but they say they are one of the lowest. The I-phone looked great BUT why pay all those fees plus a data plan that has to support your square/ payware/ or morphe swiper/Nice to meet another artist with common sense/ Fair Winds ,Bill
    • Bill, does it take very long to input and get approval using the dial-up method. I was using GoPayment through Intuit, but the monthly rates were just too expensive. I'm just starting out so don't do shows every weekend or even every month. I do a lot of credit card business at the shows, however. I have Verizon, so my coverage is pretty good. Thanks, Beverly
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