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I'm a newbie art fair artist getting ready to apply to some 2018 events via Zapplications with a question about image size. Unclear to me if the required image size must be 1920 pixels square, or if Ok if only one side at 1920 will suffice.

My artwork is mostly 11 x 14 portrait, with a few pieces landscape at 17 x 11. I've shot some hi res photos and determined that with a piece of the frame included in the image (the frame matters in my case) I came up with a best fit digital image size of 1920 x 1508. Will Zapplications plant and/or otherwise modify my images with black background space to make it fit a 1920 x 1920 square pixel space or will they leave it as is? If the latter, is there any disadvantage to submitting a 1920 x 1508 full frame image vs a 1920 square with black filler space around a 1920 x 1508 image?


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Thanks Larry for all the time you take to answer newbie questions.  We don't understand very well what's required-we read as much as we could and sent him some of the articles we found.  We hope he understood, but I can't be sure.  He is a professional photographer but probably has not done juried images.  The art is handwoven rugs and the photographer put them at an angle (some were folded-showing both sides) and then added the background. My husband's website is if that helps.  Most (or possibly all) the photos on that website were done by the same guy.

I'm attaching one of the jury photos.


That's OK but the shadow make it look like it's floating in the air. The rug should be visually laying on the ground (background) so the tassels should have a minimal shadow "against" the tassels because they are laying on the ground. It's the space between the shadows and tassels that make it look suspended.

Larry Berman


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