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I am really new at this, so please bear with me, and any repetitive questions I may ask!! I have been reading the forums and learning about pricing, and see there are lots of factors and subjectivity. I have found a lot on pricing photography, but not as much on paintings (especially the difference medium might make on price points, if any) but I could be looking in the wrong places . However, I am doing my first local show this coming weekend, and of all the things I have learned (from this site!!), pricing is stressing me out the most! I currently work mostly in watercolor, and recently I have been doing smaller works - 5" x 7". However, just because they are smaller, they still take me a fairly significant amount of time. My question is, what is the range one can ask for small works. I seem to have found people selling paintings this size for as little as $20/30 dollars, which seems very low. However, I am a newbie, and so don't feel I can charge a lot, but I also know the time involved. Would asking $100 be totally over the top? Any advice would be appreciated.


Also, a quick display question...I have framed my originals that I will be hanging. I also (perhaps prematurely) made some prints of a couple of my paintings. Can I offer these unmatted, but presented nicely on good cardboard and cellophane sleeves, or should everything be matted?


Finally, the show I am doing is a smaller local show in Canton, Ohio called Art is Alive. It is a few years old and markets itself as fun, funky, etc. Approximately 80 artists, with some music performances and food/wine. If there is any interest, I would be happy to let others know what it is like.......


Thanks for any answers and for this site in general!





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I'm a photographer so I won't get into pricing recommendations but think that your originals should be at least $75 or higher. You need to display them so that the public understands that they are originals, not to be confused with larger reproductions that you intend to sell.

As for displaying unframed work. You should be backing with foam core and using archival display bags from

Larry Berman
Thank you! I will be running to the store to get foam core tomorrow :)

Hi Anne,

     I did that show last  year and it was very nice.  Everybody involved is very artist friendly.  You will find that there is a wide range of Art and Craft at this show with a wide range of price points - but no buy/sell that I can recall.  I have a number of friends from Pittsburgh that do that show but I am going to do Great Lakes in Novi, Mich. this weekend.  It will be a great 1st show for you  Good luck to you.

Only you know how much time you spend on your paintings.  Don't under sell yourself just because someone else has something cheaper.  The painting itself will determine whether or not someone will spend $20 or $100 on it.  I personally have bought a small matted and framed watercolor painting for $75.  I know the frame was less than $10, and the painting was only 1"x1" in size, but to me it was worth the price ;)

Diane - that is great to hear, thanks!! I was wondering how this show would be after reading here about all the different shows and how they can vary widely in quality. Excited to hear it is a nice one! Even if I sell nothing, it sounds like a good time!


Kathryn, thanks for the advice.  I guess in the end I have to decide what works for me and hope it makes a connection with someone like that painting did for you!


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