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New here and hoping to get enough information on set up to hit the Fall Art Fair circuit

Hi everyone,

I'm a photographer, and I have been peeking at Zapplications for about a year now, knowing it would require a significant monetary investment to do this. I travel all over the country for Photography and recently set up a website too (though that also needs work). I've been working on stock agencies as well as dipping my toes into travel writing.

I'm here looking for information on the right kind of set up for one person to do eventually. I would have help in the beginning but not for long. I've been looking at the mesh systems since they are less expensive than the panels-But I love the look of the panels.

It's all overwhelming to be honest, which means I have much to learn. I'm excited to interact with everyone and hopefully jump into this with a lot of insight. Any tips on getting started would be appreciated. I am an LLC and set up with Paypal too.

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Thank you Dennis. That is what I was hoping to do. Are people generally free with information I wonder? Early is good advice thank you.

Oh yes, Dennis! That is excellent advice.

Darlene, even if you have to spend money to get there, visit as many art fairs as possible whenever you can. They will be invaluable for your finding your way. Get there early, see the setting up, see the vehicles, see what kind of booths seem to be attracting the most attention, then focus on your particular media. This business has a heavy overhead, so learning from others is the fastest way to get a leg up on it.

Thanks Connie. All good advice. I’d also like to hear from people who don’t do this any longer, why they left and their challenges. I think when deciding it’s best to get both sides

And here is a great discussion on exactly that topic, Darlene: Is Anyone Here Earning a Living?

Go first class if your work is first class. Wait another year if you cant afford Pro Panels. Mesh doesn't have the look in my view.


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