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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum and wanted to submit my new booth shot for review. I've been doing shows for about 3 years but this is the first year that I am trying to get into some high end shows.

For this current booth I have made custom grey canvas walls, custom track lighting, custom print bins, and professional signage.

Let me know what you think if you have a moment.



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Are you looking for a review as to setting up at the show to sell or for a jury image?

larry Berman

Hi Larry,

This is for the jury. I applied to the Sausalito Ca. and Bellvue Wa shows and didn't get into either one of them. My old booth and the photo that went with it were absolutely terrible.

Sales have been great at all the shows we have done so hopefully that is working out. The only thing I'd change for the actual show vs. this image is I'd put another row of paintings along the bottom. They all still match in terms of framing and mats.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! : )

Short reply is get rid of the signs. Get rid of the short wall. Stick with three ten foot walls for the booth. Get rid of the extra fabric at each corner. If you're not selling reproductions, remove the bin. Actually you need two booth pictures, one with and one without the bin for shows that don't allow reproductions.

I'm going to sleep now. I can go into more detail tomorrow if you give me a call.

Larry Berman

Thanks Larry!

Is this what you had in mind? I was worried that it was too bland. I just comped this up really quick digitally, but I could shoot the actual booth this weekend.

You need more work. Remove the smaller pieces from the back wall and do three over three. Same with the side walls but keep the two smaller pieces towards the back on one of the side walls. Space the pieces on the side walls so the frames aren't touching from the camera angle. Use a tripod to make sure. The tops of the top row of frames should all be at the same top height.

Larry Berman

Thanks. I'll do all those things. Is the rational for not having signs and the short walls to keep the space simple and focus on the work and not the booth?

Anyone else have any opinions?? I love hearing all the different opinions. : )

You don't want signs in your booth for the picture. If you have identification, you automatically loose points in some juries, and you don't want anything that will slow the jurors down so they can concentrate on your individual jury images.

Larry Berman

Great info. Thanks again!

Larry, I had one more question if you don't mind. Does the booth seem ok with the signs and short wall for the actual event? Is there anything you would change to increase sales, flow of traffic, etc?

Thanks again!

I always have signs for my booth when I'm at the actual event. My branding is nearly as important as my work itself. People will ALWAYS remember my logo and branding. 

Thanks Matt! I agree about the branding. I was a graphic designer for 7 years and I consider that stuff so important!


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