He saw my original paintings, he wants to order several pieces in canvas prints, any suggestion on company? If there's one that you could pick it up at to save on the shipping would be better. Thanks!

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  • The image of your artwork is one important aspect - you can't just snap a photo. A really expensive way to guarantee a great image? It should be photographed using a large format camera, using transparency film that can be scanned larger than your actual image so it can be blown up if you like. As far as canvas... you can get it anywhere, but I swear by Colorplak in California. The edges NEVER crack, the color correction is amazing, the finishing is superb.

  • Hi Carla,


    I was pleasantly surprised to see your post.  I think we land on things we're suppose to.  This is exactly what I do.  I'm new here, but, would be glad to see what you need and help you if I can.   Please feel free to contact me at ducksoup72058@yahoo.com.  I don't really know the rules on here yet so I hope it's ok to post my address, if not sorry to the administrators, I won't do it again if you all pull my post.



    • Hi Ginger,

      What you're doing is fine.

      Larry Berman
      • Thanks Larry,


        All insight and guidance is appreciated.


        Ginger Hensley

  • Speaking of image capture you might want to take a minute or two and read these sobering thoughts from the owner at Archival Arts on the most ignored factor in selling reproductions of your work . If you are going to sell giclée prints of your work...your probably want them to  reflect well on you. After all it is your work and reputation that you are spending your money, time and effort promoting/selling under the demanding conditions of art fairs et cetera. Good luck


  • Thank you so much Gary, now I need somebody to capture my images and I will keep trying several printing companies until I find the right one right? I'm going to look for somebody in AFI :) 

    Thank you Larry and Gary :) I really appreciate it

    • Actually you need someone to capture images of your paintings before looking for a place that prints on canvas. You had me confused, looking to get prints made before the digital files existed.

      You need to specify what size the original is and then find out whether it needs to be photographed or scanned. That's where to start. Finding a place to print on canvas is easy. Creating a digital file that will reproduce life size may not be. Everything Gary said is correct. But printing on canvas is forgiving and you can get away with a lot more than printing on high end inkjet paper. The texture of the canvas masks the artifacts from a lower quality digital file but a lower quality file limits what you can do with it in the future.

      Larry Berman

      • Thank you Larry, yes, my question was confusing, I have images but when Gary mentioned that I need to capture my images I was thinking I should get better quality ones, then I replied thinking about images. Do they scan images at Costco?
        • Yes. But they only scan in pixel resolution for small size prints.

          If you're wanting to work from original 35mm slides, I can scan at 4000PPI and color correct. I've done that for many artists. But what size it can be reproduced really depends on how clean the original slide is.

          What size is the original painting?

          Larry Berman
  • Carla


    Your art is wonderful.  But while Larry is correct and you can get prints at Costco that is only a piece of the reproduction process.  A few steps to consider.

    Digitial capture of your original.  There is a sponsor on AFI that offers this service.  Check them out to learn about the process of a quality capture.  With the right equipment you can see the brush strokes on a canvas in the reproduction.

    Color consistency.  Quality printing uses a complete color management workflow.  From the capture, to the screen and any processing in Photoshop, to the output at the printer each device is calibrated for accurate color.  Skip any single calibration point and the results will not be what you expect.  I don't know if Costco has ICC profiles for their output devices but if they don't then I wouldn't have them do your printing.  A subtle yellow to blue transition in your painting might come out more orange and brown.  You will be disappointed in the result.

    Some good print firms include the one on AFI, MPIX, Canvas on Demand, Millers Lab, Whitehouse Color.  All have great service and most can ship directly to you end purchaser.

    So get a good image, manage the process and send it to a printer that will get the most quality and faithful reproduction out of your incredible images.




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