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Been "invited" to the Naples Fine Art Show run by Hot Works.  This is NOT the Naples Downtown Art Show or any of the several other art show on the Naples, Fl web site.  This is something that seems to be setup in the parking lot of a shopping center the weekend after the Naples Downtown Art Show.  Sounds fishy.  Anybody know anything about it?  It's expensive, too ($425).

Also, any info on the group that runs it, HotWorks?

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To or from?

To or from?

Oh sorry....HotWorks in general

I can't speak to the show because I haven't done it. However, Patty is a really good person and Hotworks is legitimate. Patty goes around to shows and invites people she likes. That's not fishy.

There are many art fairs in Naples at the beginning of the year. Maybe too many.

I wish all my shows in Florida were only $425. Naples National is $625 for a two day show.

Thanks for the info.  I didn't mean to imply that Patty was dishonest by saying it seemed fishy.  Just that a show not on the city site and right after a number of city sponsored shows...It seemed curious that the city site didn't mention it.  Anyhow, I appreciate the info, Mr. Bernstein.

If I am reading Mr. Meinders's responses responses correctly, it sounds like he is not a fan of HotWorks.  Since I just don't know how to judge shows yet (This will be my second show): Is there a big difference between  shows put on by something like HotWorks and Howard Alan Events and those produced locally?

Best bet is to do shows that are put on by a local art guild or other arts-related organization.  They really care about the artists rather than just making a buck for themselves.  Second choice would be a show set up by local civic organizations (i.e., Lions, Rotary, etc.)  Some of these shows are also good, but some of the groups appear to be interested only in income for that organization.


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