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I try to and have set goals of doing something creative everyday but I feel I am not getting anywhere. Time is a big problem. I work 40 hours a week and home stuff nags at me. On my days off, well I am going in circles, with family, priorities, trying to make money, etc. I was thinking of trying college again and taking art classes, maybe that would make me set the time aside. What do you think? Thanks for your time, Kathaleen

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...and again there are two aspects here, do you want to do this professionally or as a creative outlet? I'm talking professionally.

Hi Dawn, I like your perspective,and as this conversion has progressed, I am thinking of taking 2 classes in technique and broaden my mediums. I have drawn most of my life and I need to branch out and bring my confidence level back up, then go professional, hopefully. Many Thanks, Kathaleen

Kathaleen...if you have the opportunity to take clases...I would run to them and soak up all the knowledge you can absorb. As far as confidence level....there is nothing better than someone complimenting you on your work, paying you for your work is just a step above a compliment...but it's all good.

I actually have a "bucket list" of things I want to do...and actually one is taking a Fondant Class in Charlotte.  My husband thinks I'm nuts but who cares...there is a cake out there with my name on it!


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