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I am semi retiring from the art show circuit and my mobile booth is for sale.


The booth is a tandem trailer that opens from the front, the tongue folds sideways and the steps fold down to provide easy access.

The trailer is 7ft wide, 8ft long and 11ft high. When open it fits in a 10ftX10ft space and the wheels cannot be seen from the front.


The booth has 2 marine batteries connected to a solar panel and the possibility to be connected directly to show provided power. This powers 12 LED lamps, and 2 ceiling fans. There are 6 windows on the ceiling two of them with fans, and 3 long and narrow windows on the top part of the walls, this setup keeps the booth cool.

The walls are covered with carpet. There is an awning on each side of the trailer.


The trailer comes equipped with a Trailer Valet that allows easy maneuvering into its designed place. Please see the valet in action in YouTube and It was built in 2016, I am the only one that used it, and it is in very good shape.


I had absolutely no problem towing the booth with my van.

This booth was approved to be used in Winter Park Sidewalk,  Brookside, Mount Dora, Gainesville, Cherry Creek, Plaza, Des Moines, Artisphere and many other shows.

Come and see it in WINTER PARK SIDEWALK this weekend.

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That looks like a great setup. Lots of benefits. Wonderful design.

What is the actual art work display area? ie. Length of usable display walls, height of usable display walls? It seems this would be significantly reduced.

According to what you listed that would be a maximum of 23 linear feet. Whereas with a standard booth we have 30 linear feet. You list 11' high. Is that inside or outside dimensions? In the images it shows structures near the bottom and top of walls, therefore what space is left for display?

Again it is a really nice idea. I wonder if you find some customers do not come into your "booth" due to the separation via the steps to enter?

"that would be a maximum of 23 linear feet" - plus the doors. But inside dimensions would be very helpful. 

It does look like the interior height is 8 feet as the overall height is 11 feet. That does give two more feet of wall space height than the standard propanels.

Of course we can't tell from just a photo and the OP has not responded. However, I think it is much less.

It looks like the doors are maybe 80" (approx. 6' 8”)

Then when you go to the inside, you have to subtract the upper windows, the space above those windows, the lower space lost due to the wheel wells and space lost at the front from some sort of boxing.

I'll guess you have about 5 1/2 to 6' max inside display height.

My trimline gives me 8' walls. Of course I don't hang anything too low.

It might be the exterior height is 11'. That is more likely with a trailer. Then subtract the distance from grade to interior floor. Looking at the rear entrance steps, It appears the rise and run are equivalent. Thereby approx. 24" height from grade. Bringing it down to 9'. Then the area above the windows  and the windows looks like about  18”. The wheel well and front box looks like about 14” on sides, 17” or 18” front.

11'- 24”-18” - 17” = 73” (6' 1”)

One way to confirm this is reasoning.

He states the trailer is 7' wide. That is almost positively an exterior dimension. However, even if it is an interior dimension, then look at the picture of the boat on the front wall. It takes up half the width. Thereby 3' 6” wide. It is square. Thereby 3' 6” high. It takes up well more than ½ the display height of that wall. Therefore that wall must have less than 6' 6” display height. 

Always fun trying to solve problems without enough data.

Hey people, I hope I can count on you to be patient for my answers till Monday evening. I will address at that time all your questions. Thanks.

Here are the measures of the net display area available Inside:

                   Height    Width

Back               62    X   75

Sides              68    X   88 (X2)

Doors             88    X   34 (X2)

The two awnings outside are 7ftX30In each.

The boat on the wall is 36X36

Thanks for getting back to us Ynon.

It is a very nice setup.

I feel vindicated :-) Not bad deducing on my part /./././. (sound of me patting my own back) :-)

Although you seem to have maximized your available area, unfortunately this would reduce display area for many.

My Trimline is 8' high walls. Even with deducting 1' at the bottom I still have 3 interior 7' x 10' walls totaling 210 square foot of display, plus the 10' width allows for 3) 44" print bins in the middle.

Yours yields a total, with exterior doors of only 156.95 square foot. Without allowing floor space for bins. This is a net loss of 53.05 SqFt walls space. If someone has a 7' tent it is still a loss of 33 SqFt.

In addition the Tent can be setup on a corner, allowing outside wall(s) to become display. If the trailer is setup to do such you may or may not have the doors for display and you need to incorporate a method of hanging on the exterior trailer walls.

Also the smaller dimensions of each display area may cause a large loss in how many pieces can be hung as larger works can not have more than one on a wall (size dependent).

Again great idea and system. So many pluses. I just find importance in having display area.

Sell me a larger unit that gives all your benefits and the larger display area but still fits a 10'x10' spot.  :-)

I display in the outside with my panels. 

The booth is a mobile art gallery and I display artwork as such. I don't see a need to cover every inch with a piece as a matter of fact I have found that the number of pieces I display works for me the best.

Oh don't get me wrong. I think what you have / made is great.

So many benefits. I was not putting it down.

I display with diverse sizes. An example is some pieces that are 48" wide. With a standard tent I can put two across on each wall. Thereby having 6 on just the top row. If I do a double row, in that size, that is 12 pieces. With your setup I could only do 1 across each wall, making only 3 across or if possibly using upper and lower 6 total, at that size. So not a matter of using every square inch. Even with my two across each wall, I still have 2 foot extra linear space on each wall. Curious, did you build this or is it an off the shelf system you bought? I think the idea is very good, would just like a bit more room, for me. After all, we are a type of retail operation. As any retailer will state, you want to maximize the profit generating use of space. We pay for a 10' x 10' space at shows. Why not benefit from all of it?

I designed it and had it made.


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