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First time doing Art on The Square in Madison. Any suggestions on dealing with the back two feet up on the curb and the rest of booth on street? They suggested cinder blocks but they seem too tall. something work well for someone out there?  thanks!

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It is a pain. But if I remember correctly the tent sits almost level that way, you just have a big dip and then curb in your booth. I resolve this by moving the back wall of my display forward two feet, and using the space behind it for storage.
  A piece of composite decking cut into small blocks makes good spacers for feet. Lightweight, durable and waterproof.

Thanks Gregg!

Gregg is correct.  The tent will sit almost level with the back two legs up on the curb.  The curb is about 6 inches high, but the street is not flat.  It actually goes up around 4".  So the difference is very small (at least in the section where I was located last year).  Cinder blocks will definitely be too tall.  I built some ramps so people would not trip on the curb and it allowed me to use the entire 10'.  But the ramps are heavy.  I only did it because I am only 20 minutes away.  You can check out pics here:

Cassius, thanks so much the review was VERY helpful and full of great info.

I have the same problem at Talbot Street in Indianapolis. My solution was to use a concrete block with a 2x8x16 inch board liquid nailed to the top and a 10 foot long 2x8 board bridging the block to the curb. Everything is screwed together and the pro panels sit on top. The tent foot pads are screwed into the top board. This eliminates having to level the pro panel feet. If you can't carry a ten foot board, cut them in half and shim the middle with another block and some thin shims. If your pro panels have the extendable legs, it's all a moot point as you can adjust them as needed.

An alternative is to use patio blocks that are only 2~3 inches thick and stack them as needed.


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