Artists doing shows in the Twin Cities Area - don't take a check from a sweet little old lady named Lynn Baker-Handelman-Seigel (just remember 3 hyphenated names).  I live in Florida and after spending considerably more time on it than the amount was worth, have found that I can't attempt to collect on it without returning to Minnesota and taking her to conciliation court, where the filing fee is far higher than the amount of the check.  I had been under the impression that the States Attorney or someone would prosecute for a bad check but after talking to numerous people in the States Attorney and court systems, have found out that it's not so!

I may have to change my policy and not take checks at all from out of state shows.  I have been doing it for years though and this is the only problem I haven't been able to resolve.  It wasn't an accidental overdraft, it was a check written on a closed account. 

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  • I got my jewelry back today from Minnetonka Police so many thanks to them......and many thanks to Robin for starting this thread.......and a special thanks to Bora!!! Without her fantastic work, I would still be thinking about driving to Minneapolis sometime to try to work this out for myself!    Thank you.....

  • Thanks for all the info I've been reading just now on this woman. I have posted it to all my relevant spots on Facebook and to artist friends.

  • Will she be charged with any crime?  If so, there will probably be a mug shot taken which would become freely accessible public information, and then you'd have an image to post/share.

    Or how about one of those police department-type composite sketches?  ;>)

  • Hooray for you, Robin! This is amazing to me. Who ever thought we could affect something like this. Wonder what art fair she'll be attending this weekend? Too bad we don't have a photo. What other shows are in the Minneapolis area/Duluth soon? People need to be alerted.

    • I'm SO proud of all the Artists that got their heads together & got this THIEF in Minnesota!!!  You ALWAYS have to be careful in Minnesota~I could write a book~I used to live there!  Anyway, the ACC Show will be Apr.18-21, 2013 @ the St. Paul Rivercentre.  Hopefully, there won't be any problems there with this issue~thought I'd let you know about this one.  It just goes to tell you, Artists have MANY talents including Investigators!!!

      We have the great Funky Ferndale this weekend, & it's always a very funky, fun, worthwhile $$ show to do!  It's directed by Mark Loeb~fabulous, caring, exceptional Promoter!   We hope to see you there!

      Kathleen Smith & Steven Hedstrom~UNIQUE REFLECTIONS

    • Is it too much to hope it'll be the Minnesota Department of Corrections annual finger painting exhibition?

      • I'll certainly ask him if it's ok to post them or somehow make them available for others to see.  A lot of us would recognize work by our fellow artists, and hopefully a lot of it could be identified.  Also, for anyone who got hit or know anyone else who got hit - if you have a way to notify the show producer where it happened, they may be able to notify other artists.  I e-mailed Excelsior, where I took the bad check, and they said that they had been contacted by other artists who taken bad checks and they would let them know. 

  • So happy that so many people are getting their art work back.  You all did this so fast, it was amazing. 

    • Thank goodness for AFI.  The officer is going to e-mail more pictures to me, since they weren't able to immediately identify my work at her house.  Hopefully some other work can be identified as well.  We just found out about yet another artist that she got at Excelsior. 

      • Will you be able to post the pictures here so others may be able to identify their work?

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