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Artists doing shows in the Twin Cities Area - don't take a check from a sweet little old lady named Lynn Baker-Handelman-Seigel (just remember 3 hyphenated names).  I live in Florida and after spending considerably more time on it than the amount was worth, have found that I can't attempt to collect on it without returning to Minnesota and taking her to conciliation court, where the filing fee is far higher than the amount of the check.  I had been under the impression that the States Attorney or someone would prosecute for a bad check but after talking to numerous people in the States Attorney and court systems, have found out that it's not so!

I may have to change my policy and not take checks at all from out of state shows.  I have been doing it for years though and this is the only problem I haven't been able to resolve.  It wasn't an accidental overdraft, it was a check written on a closed account. 

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I'm SO proud of all the Artists that got their heads together & got this THIEF in Minnesota!!!  You ALWAYS have to be careful in Minnesota~I could write a book~I used to live there!  Anyway, the ACC Show will be Apr.18-21, 2013 @ the St. Paul Rivercentre.  Hopefully, there won't be any problems there with this issue~thought I'd let you know about this one.  It just goes to tell you, Artists have MANY talents including Investigators!!!

We have the great Funky Ferndale this weekend, & it's always a very funky, fun, worthwhile $$ show to do!  It's directed by Mark Loeb~fabulous, caring, exceptional Promoter!   We hope to see you there!

Kathleen Smith & Steven Hedstrom~UNIQUE REFLECTIONS

Will she be charged with any crime?  If so, there will probably be a mug shot taken which would become freely accessible public information, and then you'd have an image to post/share.

Or how about one of those police department-type composite sketches?  ;>)

Thanks for all the info I've been reading just now on this woman. I have posted it to all my relevant spots on Facebook and to artist friends.

I got my jewelry back today from Minnetonka Police so many thanks to them......and many thanks to Robin for starting this thread.......and a special thanks to Bora!!! Without her fantastic work, I would still be thinking about driving to Minneapolis sometime to try to work this out for myself!    Thank you.....


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