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Artists doing shows in the Twin Cities Area - don't take a check from a sweet little old lady named Lynn Baker-Handelman-Seigel (just remember 3 hyphenated names).  I live in Florida and after spending considerably more time on it than the amount was worth, have found that I can't attempt to collect on it without returning to Minnesota and taking her to conciliation court, where the filing fee is far higher than the amount of the check.  I had been under the impression that the States Attorney or someone would prosecute for a bad check but after talking to numerous people in the States Attorney and court systems, have found out that it's not so!

I may have to change my policy and not take checks at all from out of state shows.  I have been doing it for years though and this is the only problem I haven't been able to resolve.  It wasn't an accidental overdraft, it was a check written on a closed account. 

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Hi Jan, Yes, I'd like to pursue it somehow.  If it would work out, I'd rather have her rabbi talk to her and have her stop doing it than to have her arrested. And of course, I'd like for us all to get our money too.  Let me know if you find anyone who knows her. 

She has a FB page.  Maybe a few posts from artists she has stolen from are in order.

Of course since it sounds like she's hit more than one artist I'd say don't take the checks.  One thing to consider, though, is identity theft.  I came home from a trip once and noticed a  box of checks on the counter.  Went through the box and found just one book of checks was gone.  I immediately called the bank and put a stop on the checks. 

Re: Identity theft -  possible, but she's apparently used at least 2 different checking accounts - one of which was a closed account, and one that was open on which she did a stop payment.  I guess it's a good reason to always require an id with a check. 

Re: Facebook, I did try sending her a message a while back via Facebook, but she has it so you can't post on her page unless she has friended you. 

Hi Robin - I just saw the rest of these messages - please email me at  I am in the process of filling out a complaint with the Minneapolis Check Diversion Program but haven't sent in my forms yet.  You have 120 days from the date of the check to do so, so I have time.  Even though it seems this MIGHT help me get my money, I don't think it will do much to stop this woman.  And at this point, I don't care about the money, I just don't want her to get away with doing this to other artists.  I haven't had the time to call the Minn. police yet (getting ready for shows like everyone else!).  But it would be great to have multiple claims at once.  I also found out I have 2 friends that she wrote bad checks to last year, can you believe it?  One of them was able to fill out a police report, I have that report number for back up as well.  Anyhow, contact me and let's figure something out - thank you!!  ~ Melissa

I am posting again to bring this discussion back to the top.  This woman just got someone else at a show in Duluth.  Please beware, write this woman's name down, and alert your show producers.  Lynn Baker-Handelman-Seigel. 

I was at Fall into the Arts in Edina, MN this past weekend. The committee running the show came around early on Sat. with a small address label for us with this woman's name on it and warning us that she was targeting jewellers.  We stuck the label to our check out table.  Later in the day, this same person purchased from us, but used a charge card and it processed.  One thing I noticed about her was that she had a severe tremor and had a difficult time signing for her charge purchase.  She never even asked us about taking a check.  Apparently she is still attending art fairs in the area.  Kudos to the art fair committee for getting out the warning.

Hi, This is e-mail I wrote and sent lots of promoter etc.. in Minnesota.
"This is very important information for the artist who will be at the shows in Minnesota!!!! We have filed a police report for this person!!!!!
They live in Minnesota, she and her friend. her name is LYNN BAKER-HANDELMAN SEIGEL
  I would like you to warn all the artist coming to  the show and If you have connections other shows in Minnesota, please forward my message to them as well.
I was at "Art in Bayfront Park " art festival in Duluth,  this passed weekend August 18-19. We had warnings from family and friends did the show last year about stealing, but not bad check... here is my information will help you. 
 Two of them, friends. They are both over 6o, dressed well. nice make up. She will say too bad didn't bring her CC and will let you offer a payment with a check because is a good sale$$..  The one burned us with the check  has brownish red curly hair, brown eyes. You will spot her right away for her hands are  shaking  really bad. She is a loud woman, very talkative sweet. Check was $850...
the other woman with her short, straight blonde hair. shorter than her. She does not talk much , nicely suggest her that she should get that and that etc... 
warning from my bank when we were depositing the check, so  I search her name and Art Fair Insiders have warning for her this is not the first time.. When i think all the conversation with her, that she is loud and keep saying Oh my God ,,,my hands is shaking , shaking I am writing the check, shaking!!!! like she goes all the art shows but does not carry  her CC etc.. little things.
She and her friend does that to us all the time my friends. BE CAREFULL!"
They live in Minnesota, she and her friend. her name is LYNN BAKER-HANDELMAN SEIGEL . 
We went to the police department and talked with the officer and give him all the details we have on her and her friend. We are officially filed a police report for bounce check, fraud ... 
If you notice or seen or burned by this woman or her friend, please let me know I will forward the info to Duluth Police Department. 
Thank you all so much.  I hope It will never happen to us or to you ever again!
I am giving an update what happened today.  I and my sister are in Minnesota at the moment , while we are here we went to the police station near  where this woman lives  and explain what happened  to us in Duluth. First officer listened to us and then check her name in his computer and find her Driver's licence and show it to us, If that was the woman gave us  the check.
OMG yes!!!!   I am surprised, happy, angry.... a lot gone through my mind.. is this woman even exist or she steal someone else'schecks and identity.. No my friends.. It was her in the picture and real and 3 miles away where I am. Officer told us, follow me and we go knock on her door. He called the Duluth Police station to get info, what did they find about her. A lot my friends... she has done this a lot, she can not open any bank accounts in Minnesota.  Her bank is Suntrust. 
Officer in the front we drove to her home, 2 story home in a nice neighborhood. Damn.. she is not home but her neighbor is, we have talked with her and she will call the officer when she gets home. Officer will call us and I do not know what happens next, but I am sure of that even she give our jewelry back we will still pursue charges against  her so she will be punished what has done. She is sick woman and her friend too. 
All my best, 

Wow, so sorry Bora.....that's a lot of have it all right....when she was at Excelsior, she was with a short Black Woman.....really makes you wonder if she is just mentally unstable or if she thought she could pull off some scheme to make money. She may be trying to sell it....or maybe just a hoarder. Anyway, if there is no resolution, maybe we can pool ourselves in some way to prosecute her and stop her behavior. I will keep track of this thread and update if anything happens for me.   Cheers, Wes

Pat - just be careful that she doesn't do a chargeback on the card.  Apparently her MO for 2 other artists was to write a check and then do a stop payment on it after the fact.  The info from the art committee for the show that you just did came from my friend Kate, who also did this show and was burned by the same woman in Duluth. 

Hooray for Edina! and good job, Pat! If each of you in this area alerted the shows you are doing this person would be stopped as art fairs really don't want you taken advantage of and love to be pro-active on these issues.

Best wishes to all of you for getting reimbursed.

This woman must have an amazing jewelry collection ....


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