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So, I recently applied for my first big juried Craft Fair and waited for what seemed like an eternity for them to close the application process and let me know whether I was in or out.  In fact, I waited so long that I decided that I needed to make some money in the interim and I started exploring other retail options, even telling myself that I might just tell the Craft Fair Judges that I wouldn't be able to participate this year due to lack of merchandise.  As it turns out, one of the shops I signed with wouldn't let me remove anything for the show, so I was kind of stuck anyway.  

Having decided against doing the Craft Fair and saving myself $175 made me feel pretty confident going forward but then the email arrived in my inbox telling me that I hadn't made the cut, that they only had 100 spaces to fill and had received 288 applications and perhaps I could try again next year.  I wasn't prepared for rejection, in fact I was feeling pretty smug about my chances as I knew that no one else around here was doing what I was doing and I figured I was a shoe-in.

So, even though I had given up the idea of doing the show, not making it still stung me and I thought I'd pose this do you handle rejection?  How personally should one take it, does it make you gun shy the next time you apply for something or do you just shrug it off as their loss?

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Tina, since this is a local show for you I hope you're planning to attend to see who did get in and make notes as to what you can do differently, or maybe even to discover that you are glad you didn't get accepted. Is there a lot of fiber in the show? Did they even accept wearables? Did you jury with bad images? are you looking at all the tutorials on this site to make sure your images are great? 

Thanks, Connie, this is great advice and I plan to take it.  I guess I'll just chalk this up as a learning experience and try again next year...thanks for the blue ribbon!

Thanks everybody!  You're the best and I'm feeling better already...I do think I need to revisit my photographs and some of the tutorials on this site and yes, I do plan to go to the show anyway and see who I was competing against and why they got in and I didn't but in the meantime, I'm happy to continue creating and selling at all the fabulous gift shops and galleries in my new neighborhood who absolutely love my there.


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