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Hello fellow artists. This is a warning if your traveling to a show in Pittsburgh especially in pointe staye park downtown.  I was an artist a three weeks ago at Three Rivers Art and Music Festival.  I was in the far end of the park. I found two ticks crawling on me at the show and one had bite my head. My husband Jose removed it. After getting weird rash and flu symptoms and feeling really bad i went to Dr. And found out the tick bite from the show gave me Lyme disease.  I later found out they have a wide spread Lyme disease outbreak currently in Pittsburgh.  If any of you did that show or another and have flu symptoms you may want to get checked for Lyme as its mis dygnosed as flu alot. But if progresses can be a life long issue if not dygnosed early. And believe me it feels like a bus hit you. Just thought you should know. And the cdc says you can use tick spray to stop them from biting you. I wish i had known of the Lyme out break there. You can look up symptoms they range. 

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Thank you for sharing this information, Marirosa ... hope you're feeling better.

Last week, I also woke up Sunday with one embedded in my arm at Boston Mills (OH). But I contracted Lyme disease as a baby in CT....soooo....I’m used to it! Saw a few more ticks throughout the show too.

I'm sorry to hear this, Mariposa.  I hope that you are finished with all the unpleasantness and on the road to recovery, if not fully recovered.


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