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Open to original or KD.  Prefer dark grey or similar.  Mark 617 512-4303

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I am still looking but was away and lost all recent text messages.  My phone is straightened out so please retext.  Thanks!  Mark 617 512-4303

Mark - I am in Des Moines, Iowa and am just getting ready to sell my panels. I have:

I am selling a set of 8 standard propanels in Dark Grey.

6 - 38.5" Standard Panels
2 - 30" Standard Panels

Let me know if that would interest you at all. 


I have dark Greg pro panels. I’m in SW Mi. (1 hr 40 min from Chicago). They don’t fit in my Durango so I can’t use them for shows unless I rent a different vehicle and that’s expensive! 

How many panels, Kyra? Are they knockdown? How tall are they? 7ft? 8ft? any more details? pics? You have my ear! :)

They are 8 panels. PM me or email me at  we can discuss!

Mike, I wish they were knockdown but they are not. They are 8 panels. The photo shows my set up but there are eight 8' tall panels with all hardware. I just bought them but unless I were to rock this art thing and make $ to have better transportation, I'd have to rent a vehicle every time because our cars are too small for everything I need to set up my booth. Feel free to email me for details. 

Sent you PM.

Hi Mark, if you are still looking, I just posted my listing for panels in the Chicago area -



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