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Looking for mesh walls for 10 x 10 ex up booth. I only participate in shows about 3 x a year, do the mesh walls hold up well if stores a lot?

Also - have a lot of framed oil paintings. Will walls hold these well?

Detroit area - thanks for your input.

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That is an EZ up booth, hehe. thank you again. is where I got mine. I would ask them about the storage question. We have had our 4 or 5 years. They yellow, but hold up great. They say you can put 15 pounds per pix on them. None of our work is even close to 15 lbs. I love, love, love them. Easy to put in the van. Easy to set up. Perfect for us!


Mesh walls have some advantages and some draw backs. They are light and compact to store and travel with. Storage is fine, we made a cover out of plastic sheeting to keep them clean.
The downsides are they really limit booth configurations and when the wind blows paintings can flop around. I would think the weight of an oil painting would not be a problem. I switched to Pro Panels for the versatile setup options that also work for inside shows and a cleaner looking, sturdier setup for my watercolor paintings.
Steve Wagner
Love my flourish walls. Haven't had any discoloration so far and really appreciate the option of air flow when it is hot! My walls came in a convenient zip up bag. I hang good size acrylic paintings on canvas and some paintings framed with glass. I use drapery hooks and like the ease of display.

I have mesh walls and have mixed opinions.  They are nice in lots of respects,(breathable, etc.)  but they don't hold my artwork flat against them even when the velcro is pulled as tight as it will go.  The frames sort of hang downward, with any kind of hook or hanger I've tried. They DO blow back and forth in wind, which can cause problems with your pieces blowing into anything you might have on a table in front of them.. My pieces are heavy framed glass, and I've also used the panels with other framed paintings, etc. and they all have the blowing/downward hanging problems.  I like that they store easily and block out neighboring booths, but I feel like the perceived value of my work is lower with the mesh walls than it would be with hard walls.  Hard walls look more professional.


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