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I’m not a painter (now) but I used to do a lot: more oils than acrylics. I have old shoe boxes full of both. Plus lots of newer, inexpensive craft store acrylic paints that come in bottles.

I am working on a very labor intensive project and trying to stay with just archival materials. I need a white white acrylic  paint – to be applied over gesso - to make all my substrate the same color.


I used an old tube of Shiva Titanium white acrylic. I was assuming artist colors were archival. The label states, “Never yellows”. I applied this in the evening: in daylight I could see clearly that it was NOT white: it has indeed yellowed right in the tube.  I know Shiva used to be a cheap brand.

So I need a new white acrylic. One that is archival and will NOT yellow. REALLY not yellow and not lie about it on the label.


Of course art supply stores are closed due to corona virus, so I will have to delay this project and order something online.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thanks.

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According to my daily emails and their web site, Sam Flax in Atlanta is still open.  We don't have a total lock down... [yet].  Maybe they will have what you want.  Check'em out.  Good Luck!

I am in Chicago. We have a state wide Stay-at-home order with all non-essential businesses closed. If I have to have something shipped, it can be shipped from anywhere.

What I need to know is which white will fit the bill: therefore I am hoping someone has personal experience with whites that stay white. 

I would suggest a Google search, or check as they have artists' reviews and recommendations of most items that they carry, plus they do a lot of mail order off their web site.  That being said, try Liquitex.  They have updated many of their acrylics.

Thank you. Checking them now. The Liquitex has the best reviews for permanence and coverage. I'll go with that one. 

Yes, Shiva is a lower quality brand, especially an old tube but that usually won't apply to yellowing. The mediums in all paints, oil, acrylics, gouache etc will separate so it could be you did not 're-mix' it.

Knead the tube or use a stick to insert into tube and mix. Its a bit awkward but do as much as you can before you squeeze any out.

If you buy new three of the top brands are Liquitex, Golden and Windsor & Newton, Avoid the student grade product lines.

I did pull it out with a stick and remix. It was pretty stiff and lumpy. It reconstituted readily, though. 

The next day when I saw what I had applied was yellow, I squeezed more out to get the paint that was further inside. That looks pretty much the same but I squeezed some on a card to compare. 

(Note to self: henceforward, don't apply old paint in artificial light ! )

Of course in the normal course of events I would have just gone out to the store to buy fresh, and a better brand. I would not have tried to "make do". I probably bought that Shiva for some cheap craft project. 

By the way, David, your suggestion on my prior thread of the acrylic modelling paste instead of gesso worked very well. It filled dips much faster. Thanks! 

So yes, that tube was just too old and not quality enough to begin with.

Good news the modeling paste work better.

You are welcome stay safe from the virus and wash your hands every 20 seconds.... or maybe it's for 20 seconds, yeah that's it. :)

Interesting. My new Liquitex Titanium White arrived.

Apparently, this version of white is still not white. I had thought the previous old Shiva white had yellowed: but the new version is the same vanilla color. I recall a painting teacher - decades ago - saying there were better whites, but they were hazardous and therefore off the market (flake and lead white).


I’d call this Titanium white a warm white. Versus the cool white of the background; which is the original white- white of the Gatorfoam.


I've tried several times here to post photos, but they just won't load. 

The creamy stripes you see are the white paint against the original gatorboard color.


I think I have spent enough time overthinking this project now. At least it’s archival and that’s what I wanted. Time for me to move on. But thought I would post this follow-up.


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