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  I am a mixed media jewelry artist from central Florida returning to the outdoor art show circuit, and I need a great display tent. I am looking for either a trimline, light dome or craft hut. Anybody out there have a gently used one for sale?  I have used an EZ-Up for  years, mainly because I do shows  by myself and have no trouble setting up the EZ Up. The better tents look more involved to set up, especially for one person. However, I believe that my booth shot with the EZ up might  actually be preventing me from acceptance into some shows.  

 I am including a photo of my present booth and would welcome comments as to how to transition to a better display. I would appreciate any feedback, but I would especially appreciate a great tent!

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Hello Sandy.  Have you checked out the classified section here?  There are usually lots of tents for sale there, although people have been buying them just about as fast as they are listed. 

You might also want to post your booth shot in the blog section.  You can post it there so that people can see it without having to click on it.  People are very good about giving helpful advice.  You should try that.  From your title people won't realize that you attached your booth photo and you may not get any advice from this post.

Thanks for the idea to post in the blog section. I will do that. I have checked the classifieds and have not seen tents for sale recently, but I will keep looking. 


I am trying to reach you to let you know I have a great Light Dome that is available and I'm willing to meet you halfway to bring it to you.  I am no longer doing shows and this tent has only been used a few times.  Please call me at 484/597-6663.  I also have other newish propanel setups too that would be great for your jewelry display.  


Emily Gartner



Hello Sandy,


I've been doing shows for years & I can't imagine that you would be not juried in "because you have an e-z up!!!  I have done jurings myself & we looked at product quality, uniqueness, the overall look of your display pieces & how they blend with your work.  I suppose if your tent is dirty or something (which I'm sure yours isn't), that could be an issue.  I have an e-z up~love the setting up quickly in the rain, ect.  I know there are cheaper models of e-z ups that have  problems, but ours is not one of them.  I quess if you are more comfortable getting another tent, I too would suggest the classified section here & good luck to you!!!

Thanks for your response. Recently I mentioned to my jewelry photographer that I have yet to be accepted to any shows on Zapplication. He assured me after looking at my jury photos that it is because of my booth, not because of the jewelry. So that is what got me thinking about the need for a better tent. He said jurors definitely take the type of tent into consideration.   True or not, I don't want to be disqualified from a great show  because of a bad tent. Then  again, the whole  jury process is a  mystery to me! 


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