• Wow! Thank you for the great information! I am keeping an eye on this board for sure, lots to learn! I’ll look at the EZ tent and Flourish panels just to get to know them better. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your post!
  • Hello Julie, and welcome to showing!  I just started showing about four years ago myself, doing shows mostly in Ohio and Michigan. While I don't have a tent for sale for you, I think you are wise to search for a used one.   With all the shows that have cancelled in the past year and upcoming year, you might be able to find a real bargain on a quality set up! Keep checking the message boards here for new postings - they go fast!

    If you can't find a used one, though, consider starting with an EZ up if funds are short.  I bought a commercial quality EZ, and it has held up quite well.  The important thing with the EZ up is to have enough weight - at least 40 lbs. per leg, maybe more depending on the conditions.  I don't know what type of art you will be displaying, but if it is 2-D, then the mesh walls by Flourish are also a more inexpensive and lightweight way of starting out.  They come with Sta-bars to keep the mesh panels taut, but it also helps to give even more stabilization to your EZ up tent.  You should be able to put a whole new set up of tent, panels, and weights together for under $ 1000; and it will be lightweight and easy for one person to set up alone.

    • Thank you for this info. Just starting out this year and just ordered my Flourish walls. Appreciate it!

      • Hi David, I think you'll like the Flourish walls.  I started with just the white mesh.  They are very strong and durable, and in the hot summer shows, they allow a nice breeze to come through!  I just recently bought the sage colored ProGallery Covers for my mesh walls, but due to Covid, haven't had a show to use them at yet (Hopefully this Memorial Day weekend I'll get to try them out!)

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