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I realize this has probably been asked a bunch of times. I did look through some of the posts, but I am still very overwhelmed.

I am gearing up for my first show. I am just about ready with all the details, but I have a question for you all. What lighting do you use in your booth? Do you use LED's? Also, what are you doing to power them?

I am looking for some specifics, either actual setups or definite specs.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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I'm in the same boat as you and I am researching lights for dusk to dark needed for one show.They might also be used if it is really overcast but not normally needed in daylight hours. So far I have found rechargeable work light bars 18" long and an underhood auto work light bar. All have magnetic feet which would work on center and side bar conduit frame. Next step will be to look at them hands on. If the bars don't work there are rectangular ones that throw a lot of light. I want to avoid having to pack around heavy batteries for lights. Available from Home Depot.

How long do they run, do you know?

6 hour high, 12 hour low for 18"bar

I use the 4' light bars (you can join two of them together in the middle) from Home Depot that take individual LED spot fixtures that you can move anywhere on the bar that you need them and point them in whatever direction you need. So I use a set of two  near the front of my booth (horizontally) and two towards the rear.   They have an electric male plug at one end that you attach to an extension cord.  I put them up on my pro panel stabilizer bars with zip ties.

I got them several years ago, but I imagine they still make them.

If you do paintings, you might want to buy several different LED bulbs to check out how they make your work look in the booth.

I bought three different LED bulbs - cheap, moderately expensive and expensive, then put one of the bars across two supports with my art work underneath and tried each one out.  The cheap bulb made my work look greenish, the moderately priced one was okay but not what I wanted.  The expensive one ($27 a bulb at the time) was perfect - really popped my work without any weirdness to it.  It was an investment but if you value your work you want it seen in the best light (literally).

Hope this helps.

I am doing blown glass- lighting  and general. Using a deep discharge battery and an inverter to provide 120v power. With LED's the battery will usually a  last a week-end. heavy but useful if the show doesn't provide power. carry a charger to replenish over-nite. 

Heide - All of the information is probably in the discussions - but it iS hard to find. So no worries and no apoogies necessary.

I use the LED bars you can find at any of the large home stores (Lowes, H Depot) though I got mine from Flourish . I use two that clip together (you have to buy the connector separately but it's cheap) and place them on the front bar of my booth. I attach mine with bungee cords. Each light bar has four swivel lights and I just adjust them around the booth. They provide ample lighting for a 10x10 booth. I power mine by a deep cell marine battery (see Amazon - mine is a Universal 12v UB121000-45978). If a show has electricity, you can also simply run a cord but I hate to rely on that. If you do deep cell marine batteries, you'll need a couple of other things: a charger (; a battery holder; an extension cord and, most importantly, a power inverter ( I've been doing this set up for two years and it's worked great. I charge the marine battery after every show and it lasts at least 12 hours total. So enough for early morning, later in the evening. I've never recharged it on the road. I also use it to recharge my cell phone and Square device plus - if it's bloody hot, a small fan. The biggest problem with this setup is that the battery itself is heavy. Think 60-65 pounds. I put mine on a rock-n-roller to get it to the tent then slip it off and into place. Questions? Just ask! 

Great Info. thanks!


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