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We are going to be doing Howard Alan's new Spring Shadyside show in Pittsburgh next weekend. It's an outdoor show, hours are till 8 or 9 p.m., and they recommend that exhibitors bring lighting.


Does anyone have any experience with power sources for electricity at outdoor shows?  We've heard that a marine battery can be used, but that we'll need some kind of converter so we can plug our lights into it.  Also a charger. 


Any input would be very helpful!!  Thanks!!





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Hi guys~
you will need atleast three marine batteries- each one lasts approx three hours..(batteries plus or Walmart sells them, or auto parts store) an inverter, and chargers to charge each battery overnight for the next day....each battery is about $ is a real pain- so we have a generator too which is much easier...the batteries are VERY heavy...Patti

Any advice regarding recharging 3 batteries, overnights, for a 4 day show?  I don't mind the weight cuz it's windy there anyways and I'll just use them as weights.  I can't bring a generator, but need power for Jazz Fest.  Thanks.


Andy Pollack

Hi Emily- we use a xantrax powerpack is a bit more expensive than marine batteries but it's all one unit. It weighs about 65 lbs and is on wheels. We found it on line last year for $500 including shipping. It's all built in one with the inverter battery and all. The other expense is that for outdoor shows we have to use LED lights to get the most life out of the battery. We can burn 8 LED lights 3-4 watts, a credit card machine and sometimes Linda has a video running, showing how her work is made. We typically get 7-8 hours and we recharge it over night in our hotel room. We use it at almost every show and we use the same light system for indoor shows, except we switch back to halogen lights and don't use the power source.  


Thanks so much for this info. We did get a power supply and I'll have to get Rona to give me the details so I can post it here. It doesn't get quite as much power as you said that you get, Linda, but it works okay for now and, as I said, I'll check back in with the specifications! Thanks again!

OK guys. You want cutting edge? 

How about a solar panel attached to a generator for unlimited power?

Hook it up to some low wattage lights and off you go! Place the solar panel behind your booth and you have power.

It's not cheap, but you'll always have power not only at shows, but for emergencies too.


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