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For sale almost brand new pro panels. I used them once before I stopped doing art shows. They are light grey. 6 - 7 feet tall 30 inches wide, 4 - 7 feel tall 38.5 inches wide. The feet on the panels can be made slightly shorter to work on uneven surfaces. 2 short banner bars. Excellent set up. They are in the original boxes. You can pick them up - we are in Michigan, 10 miles north of Indiana. $800

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Hi,  I am replying for a friend who's membership is pending approval (so she can't reply herself yet!) . She is interested in your propanels and has some questions.  Her email address is if you could please contact her.  Or send me your email/text so she can contact you directly.


Hi! I'm the friend who's interested. I've been approved, so I'm able to reply now. I'm definitely interested in these! Can you tell me the length of the banner bars? Also, are these the original panels or the full panels? Please email me at

Thank you!


Also, I could pick them up this weekend!

Hi Neshama,

I emailed you yesterday concerning the pro panels. Please reply ASAP if you are still interested.

Hi Jane! So sorry that I didn't see your email until tonight! I am going to do some more research on what else I need to add from the Pro Panels website to get the complete set-up I want and should be able to get back with you tonight (or text your husband about a pick-up time tomorrow).


Hello Jane, Would you be willing to ship these to AZ? I am very interested. Please let me know.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Srishti,

I'm not going to be able to ship. Pick up only.

I live in south east Michigan and could pick these up on Sunday. Please let me know if they are available still.

Hi Eric,

I'm waiting for reply from one other person. I will follow up with you in a few days.


Sounds good

Hi Eric,

Pro Panels are still available. Email me at if you want to come and see them.


Are they still available? Interested! Can pick up over the weekend!


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