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Easy enough to discover this is a scam.  Got it today.  Just posting so it shows up in 'google' in case anyone else gets a similar email....


My name is Joey Marcos.  I'm in the process of moving to Italy to expand my business field. I just bought a house in Milan, Italy and I'm interested in collecting an artwork for a space within my house to make it unique and beautiful.

Can I look through your website so as to pin point my choice , request for a quote and more information about a piece of my interest?

I look forward to hearing back from you soonest.


I entered "Can I look through your website so as to pin point my choice" in google and found other references to this scam.


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Funny Linnea, my sister says she keeps getting the calls every week and if she gets anyone besides Rachel or Heather she tells them she needs to talk to her Rachel or Heather.  Of course, once you get beyond the taped spiel you are talking to someone from India or Pakistan.

I got this the other day - doesnt sound right -

the same fellow ? - the original post says italy



My name is Joey Marcos.
I'm interested in acquiring one or two nice pieces from you for my house in Munich, Germany. Could you direct me to your website where I can easily view most of your most recent or old available works.

I hope to hear back from you.

Thank you,
Joey Marcos.


So whats your take -whats this fellow up to ?


He'll send a fake check for several thousand more than your price and request you return the overpayment  via western union. That or "Joey" will need your bank account number for a transfer (i.e. drain your account).

May or may not be the same person, but same scam.

I got one the other day that the scammer had actually worked on, which tells me they are getting a little more desperate. He asked for availabity of a saddle by serial number, with canteen and saddle bags. Because I'm not accepting orders for flower stamped saddles now, I referred him to someone else. Later, out of curiosity, I decide to check his email and found it was another scammer. It sure sounded legitimate.
I too like to use up their time with broken English mixed with some Spanish. If it's woman, I ask her if she wants to go to dance with me. I might try that on a guy next time and see if he hangs up on me. The one I like best are the ones who want to lend me $250.000. They are befuddled when I say yes I want them to dispose of $250,000 for me....... "You take cash, hide somewhere, I need help quick........."

I got one from this "Joey Marcos" last week. I didn't realize it was a scam until today, when he asked me to be the middleman and pay his "movers" for him who would pick up the artwork he wanted to purchase from me after his check arrives and clears. It sounds fishy, because he won't say who these movers are, and by the way, he has to go to Istanbul and wants to take care of this business right away! I am so glad I found your website confirming my suspicions. 

Glad it helped you out.  That's why I posted it.

Richard - noting a specific piece has been around a long time.  Just got the below email today....If you google 'I saw these creative works', you will see references to it as a scam going back to 2012.  Please post the contents of the email (if it was different than the below one) so that others can find it if they search for it.


Hope this message finds you well. I saw these creative works on your website and i will like you to get back with more details if  they are still available for purchase.

1620-326 Lookdown, Indian River Lagoon, and 1216-226 Brook Trout, Clark Creek,

I will appreciate an urgent reply.
Best Regards,
Linda Rudy


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