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We have been accepted and are most probably doing this show, unless we get into Saulsalito! Any current information on this show from last year? Peace, Maureen


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Are you talking about Lake Forest in Illinois or California or some other state?

I  have done Lake Forest, Il for three years in a row taking last year off. It is a local show for me and I would not drive far to do this show. It is a great show as far as ease to do and great people who take the time to look and ask questions even if they don't buy. It is a very conservative crowd. I make jewelry. Once again very pleasant show but only so so sales.

Sorry, i meant Illinois! It is a long drive for one show, that is so so sales. Thanks for taking the time to write back!

Maureen, do a search for the show.  There are several reviews from the last year and maybe earlier.  

This show used to be a real dog, mostly artists from the city of Lake Forest and you had to pay in one place, not allowing for impulse buying.  The last several years, it has opened up to a much wider geographic area and done away with the central pay area.  The quality of art improved significantly.

It is a wealthy area,  lots of corporate executives live there and the women are probably more fashion-aware than a lot of other places.  They will pay for quality.  

It isn't as far as Sausalito!

thanks Geri for the update, it is invaluable as you know to have current information, the way it is right now any and all information helps me to make informative decisions. If we were fortunate to be invited to Salsalito how long does it take to get there from New York? I would think 5 days if you wanted to stay sane and 1 month if you wanted an adventure through the Rockies and the grand canyon.

Only you can make the decision.  Your heart sounds like it wants to go to Sausalito!  (who wouldn't!!)

Good luck with whichever show you do.  


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