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The show which is in June in Kalamazoo has some new rules instituted this year and since we are sometimes known for not reading all the show info carefully, especially if you've done the show before... I thought I would post some of the changes since they will affect everyone. Especially the not being able to drive into the park if you're in the middle.

-Tent stakes are not allowed
Please plan to secure your tent with weights (as if it were placed on a concrete surface).

·Fire extinguishers will be set in selected artist booths
If asked, please make room for a small sign and for an extinguisher to be placed in your tent.

·Artist vehicles MAY NOT drive into Bronson Park
Plan on dollying supplies and artwork to your booth site.
Free temporary curbside parking is available for you to pull up next to the park to unload.
Five KIA flatbed carts on hand to help with vehicle unloading/loading.

·Artist check-in and set up will be conducted on a staggered basis
You will receive a specific time to set up your booth.
You will not be allowed to set up before your scheduled time.
If you arrive late, you will have to wait until other artists have set up.
Your set-up time will be sent to you in the coming weeks.
Please let us know of any special needs you have so we can plan your set-up time.

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This is a big park with lots of logistics where everyone has to take turns getting "in", if you're not on the perimeter. So the part about not being able to drive in is not good. We got so crotchety that we wouldn't do a show any longer if we couldn't drive up to the booth.

The tent stake thing -- amazingly usually this show has great weather, so you cross your fingers on this one, but not good frankly.

Fire extinguishers? what? 

the artist check in makes some sense, especially when you consider the logistics of getting in and setting up.

So, Bonnie, is there someone new running this long established event, that as far as I could tell ran seamlessly. Was there a bonfire in a booth last year?

I've been talking with Joe (who has been in charge for years) since I want to get the info out to make it a smooth set-up for everyone. There have been some hot tempers and some real jackass behavior by people blocking the walkways in recent years so I'm not surprised to hear of that change. It may be a few bad apples as they say although I don't know that.

Not being able to stake in will make me pray for good weather. The issue for the city was the possibility of hitting a sprinkler line although it has never happened.

Fire extinguishers - the fire marshals in many cities now require them. The show is not requiring artists to have them but just to be amenable to one being put in your booth if needed.

The city seems to have leveled a whole bunch of new rules for the show this year and the show itself is doing the best they can to follow every one. Which means that our entire booth will be checked by the fire marshal to make sure we're fire retardant, not just the canopy!

The first year with new rules is usually rough so hopefully with enough forewarning, it will go smoothly at Kalamazoo!

As I posted on FB, I'm OK with not driving into the park. The walks are narrow and it only takes one van to clog a walk up completely until that person is finished and backs out. Last year I came plenty early and still had to dolly everything into my booth spot, since even the nice flatbed carts couldn't get by the plug. I assume that the staggered load-in times will begin with those in the center of the park. This year I played the age card (I'll be 81) and they gave me a booth on the street side, so they meant it when they said they will try to accomodate special needs.

I liked that they sent a list of local patrons who are willing to put an artist up overnight for free. I contacted one and made a reservation right away, so with no motel cost, and a free artist's dinner, the bottom line looks that much better.

I assume that the fire extinguisher thing is a bright idea of someone in the town fire dept. or else their insurance company. And of course, park depts hate tent stakes. I just hope that the dog walkers stay out of the park before we get there. I had to clean up a huge soft pile before I could set up last year, and "borrowed" some mulch from nearby flower beds to cover what I couldn't scrape up.

Joan - I do believe you deserve to play the age card!!!

Ha, ha! Norm played the age card a lot younger than that! I say you  have to be at least 65 to have a space on the perimeter ...

We had a space on the perimeter last year and had big problems - someone pulling a big trailer and someone else with a big motor home - all set up and refusing to move out so others could get in.  Those in charge were of no help at all, so I really hope they're on top of it this year.

I think they're going to have to be right on top of those kinds of problems with the current set-up rules. Could be interesting!

I had the same issue two years ago when on the perimeter. The next door neighbor pulled in front of our booth space, but no big deal as they would be done by the time we were packed up. What became a problem was when someone else asked the neighbor to coordinate with them so they could pull into the same space. A few words were spoken, in a not so kind tone of voice, and the issue was resolved although someone was miffed. The solution that would work much better would be to have the vehicles back up to the sidewalk rather than park parallel to the sidewalk. More vehicles could get in that way.

I would LOVE it if they would allow that Robert but for take down, the food booths are in the way on the street where you and I were. There's barely room for parallel parking and people driving through the area. But if the food booths were set up further back it would help.

I just sent them another note with more ideas. Thanks Robert!

I wonder if a couple of lawn tractors and wagons would be available to haul stuff out? Francisco's Farm art show uses the university's grounds maintenance tractors and large trailers like you haul commercial lawn mowers around in. The trailers are large enough to haul all your booth gear in one load, which makes it very fast. They have a similar set up with several sidewalks with no vehicles permitted on the sidewalks, and their show is spread out more than KIA. As soon as someone is broken down, you get the movers to pick up your gear and you bring your vehicle up to one of the staging points. It goes smoothly and quickly.


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