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Do you name your car/trailer/dolly/tent, etc?  I saw on another blog someone else named their trailer and I wondered "how many other people are goofy like me and name their stuff too?" 


Personally, I have an SUV named Lola b/c she seems spicy and sexy!  And I recently replaced Travis the Trailer with the larger and sleeker Stealthy Dwarf.  Silly, yes.  Its a Stealth trailer and I'm rather obsessed with the show Once Upon a Time, so naturally the only name I heard when I saw "stealth" was Stealthy Dwarf. 


Ah, the little things in life that bring a smile to our faces.  Fortunately, I'm easily amused.  What are some of your goofy names?

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My son-in-law has the voice of Yoda from Star Wars for his GPS; "A right turn you must make".

that would drive me nuts!

AHAHAHA I LOVE IT!!!  Wish I had thought of that.

David, that's hilarious!

This is "Lucy" a 28" Summit Splitter made by United Shoe Machinery Corp. , Boston MA. I contacted them for a maual reprint and I got back "where did you find that?" and a only a parts list from their archives. I later found a manual for a smaller version on EBay. I had to move Lucy when we did some studio remodeling and was able to move her about 6' using two automotive floor jacks. She has her own dedicated 220V power supply for her 5hp motor. She is used to split thick leather down to thinner leather, mainly pieces trimmed off saddle parts for spur straps. Not many of these machines around any more as most went to the scrap yards years ago. Several of the internal gears were stamped with Stars of David.  Her serial number is 707. I have seen pictures of early 1900's saddle shops with these machines.


My parents named their Bonneville Barney and I have followed suit with most of my vehicles.  Back when we did drag racing we had Baby and B**ch.  Baby was the pretty one and B**ch was the black 1LE Camaro, no radio, no a/c, no frills, just fast.  Then there was Leon the Neon and Scooter the 350Z.  We currently have Patrick the Pathfinder, Rubi the Rubicon Jeep (it's also red).  I had a little trouble naming the van, nothing seemed to stick, until I just started calling it Vanny.  The pickup truck which generally only goes to the dump and back is called - the pickup.

We call her the angel van


When my kids were little I named our huge yellow Oldsmobile Vistacruiser "Moby Banana". Later our staid Studebaker Lark was called Auntie Jane.

None of my cars since have had enough character to warrant a name, but my flashy red Suzuki motorcycle is known as Suzie.


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