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I'd like feedback on what to do with a just image..

I was playing around with image and wondered if rotating it might make it more interesting in jury selection or leave it as is..

The first two are the  (1) same jury shot  with one (2) rotated, the third is another piccie I took, considering a new jury shot with this (3) angle, minus the display since that might  be too distracting... (4) is a paper clay hand I made.




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The third and fourth are way to busy for jury images. The first is OK but I might flip it horizontally depending on whether it will be used at the beginning or end of the presentation. I might prefer to see the vertical with the hand facing up instead of down as a center image in a presentation.

Larry Berman

I wouldn't use the 3rd and 4th images, too busy, only the angle they're at, but on a plain background, no base, just hand and bracelet. I used 3,4 for showing angle.. 4 for the dark coloured hand as an idea...

Hand pointing up, I like that too.

I am not a jeweler, so I have no real idea about this stuff, but howsabout using a real human hand (attached, of course to a real human body, out of the frame). I find that plastic hand creepy and distracting. Maybe it's just me. I don't like those headless necks that jewelers use for display, either. Probably it's just me. 


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