We did our first art show 2 weeks ago, and i thought for the most part that are booth looked good and that our work was better quality

than most of the other photographers at the show.  We didnt know which art pieces would get a better response and most of our pieces

were very well received.  But I must say I was surprised that our booth  space didnt receive one of the 3 possible awards in the photography

category.  I guess I am not sure what the judges are judging the booths on and tried to contact the festival to reach the judges to get their

prospective on what we need to change and improve on...  Not sure what others perspectives are, but would appreciate any recommendations

or things we might be to change to better compete.


Attached is a few photos of our booth space.  Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I suggest ditching an overinflated ego

    Humility helps built resiliance

    Get used to being rejected

    You will improve slowly, if you are patient and smart

  • Whew! Aren't you glad that first one is over? It looks like you have done a lot of homework in preparation for the display. Open, clean, not cluttered nor overpowering to show every image you have ever made, well curated. And good to hear you took the time to look at the over photography in the show. 

    What were the judges looking for? They are looking for originality, expert use of the medium and something they haven't seen before, a few ideas. They aren't looking at your display, although if it isn't clean and curated that would certainly not help. You score well there. A good place to get to the next stage would be to visit some of the top shows websites and take a look at the photography in those events. This would be more to get a sense of what in general judges are looking for for the most competitive events, not the content of the work. You can learn from these pros how to present yourself for not only better sales but for access to the better events where you can make better sales. 

    Try the websites for the Saint Louis Art Fair, Cherry Creek Art Festival, Des Moines Art Festival, Artisphere, Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, Ann Arbor Street Art Fair -- for a start. And welcome to the art fair business, Neal.

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