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I make jewelry in both Precious Metal Clay and Wire Wrap.  Since there are only 3 or at most 4 pictures submitted to the jury for a show, in the past I have taken pictures showing groupings of several items (such as 3 PMC pendants, or 3 wire wrap bracelets), and have been moderately successful in getting into shows.  But I've never been accepted to major shows.  This year I'm making a concerted push to polish up my booth, booth picture and my jury pictures.  I've learned through AFI that my photos should show continuity, which is harder for me to visualize showing both media.  So here are my questions for you all:

Will including more than one piece of jewelry in a jury photo negatively influence my chances of being accepted?

If I submit photos of only one jewelry medium and then show up for the show with jewelry made of another medium as well be cause to eliminate me from the show?  I always include both types of jewelry in the descriptions.

Any comments are most welcome.  Thanks in advance for taking your time to respond.

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Thanks, Diana.  It's a good idea to try to get more information from the shows.  My goal this year is to try to get to an open jurying session to see if it gives me more insight.  Good luck to us both!


Do you not have 1 piece of jewelry that incorporates both techniques?  I would have 1 shot, with the wrapped stuff, the next would be the bridge (wrapped piece incorporating pmc), last would be all pmc.  Of course, stretch this by however many shots you need, just put a bridge in there.  Don't put more than 1 piece in the shot.  The jury wants to see your level of craftsmanship and get an idea of your style....they don't need to see every piece:)


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