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Good Afternoon to you all!

  Recently I purchased new pro panels for our photography booth. Now having the panels, its time to make a few other changes.

I am curious what all of you use for your product/item name badges in your booths. How you mount them i.e.: velcro, magnetic, pin, tape etc and where you order them.

I would like to have some really nice product descriptions and available sizes etc listed on these badges. 

Do you laser engrave yours? Do you type them.

Any assistance and advice is appreciated! 

Thanks Everyone!

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I write the information on the back of old business cards and slip them under the frames at the bottom corner. But using Pro Panels, you can add a small piece of sticky back Velcro to the cards and attach them to the Pro Panels next to or under the photographs.

Larry Berman

Thanks Larry!

We have been printing cards with our logo and inserting them into clear plastic holders. They look pretty nice but mounting them was a pain with the mesh panels. We used magnets for a while but thats difficult to get to the backside to attach the magnet when you have a neighbor. 

My thought was now perhaps a nice tag either wood or plastic that either has a printed label on it or is laser engraved and velcro on the back but I have no idea where the best resource is to do so. 

Thanks for your idea! 

Why not print them on Avery labels and attach to a piece of foam core.

Larry Berman

Great idea Larry. Since I already have the files for all of the items that would be an easy solution. Any idea if I can purchase pre cut foam core somewhere to fit a business card sized label?

It always surprises me when a 2D artist doesn't have a way to cut paper, mat board or foam core. Get a small (12 or 15 inch) guillotine paper cutter and a sheet of foam core from an art supply store. A better cutter will last a lifetime. I'm still using one from over 40 years ago.

Larry Berman

Too funny! I have a mat cutter. I am just being lazy and time is short at times. Thought they may sell them pre cut. But I agree, the paper cutter you mentioned would be even easier than the mat cutter.

The mat cutter will give you a cleaner cut than a guillotine cutter.

Larry Berman


You can buy sheets of "business cards" at Staples, Office Depot, etc., use a Word template using the number on the box, then run them through your printer. They just break away and are very clean. I usually order foam core cut to size (custom) and glue them on. But you don't really have to use foam core if the expense and time is too much.

I'm so with Larry on this one, but you can use an x-acto knife and a ruler. Brush up on your graphic arts skills. This is art class 101 stuff! It's great you are making your tags look nice!

I put a thumbnail pic of the art image on each tag with the relevant info about it as well. Then there's no guessing at all about which image the info is for. I print mine on a regular letter size sheet, then use 3m 77 spray adhesive to mount the entire page on a piece of foam core. Then I cut them all apart. I often use my mat cutter for this since that is such a simple task.

Thanks Barrie,

Honestly I agree as well. Being creative however it would be so much fun to own a small laser and create them that way onto wood. 

In the end however, I am sure I will go the more practical route!

When we used mesh, I made cards using glossy photo paper, laminated them and used a pin clip to hang. This is a clip with pins on the back that goes through the mesh.  Make sure you use the same color.  Got the pins from Staples.  Here’s a oicture


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