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Good Afternoon to you all!

  Recently I purchased new pro panels for our photography booth. Now having the panels, its time to make a few other changes.

I am curious what all of you use for your product/item name badges in your booths. How you mount them i.e.: velcro, magnetic, pin, tape etc and where you order them.

I would like to have some really nice product descriptions and available sizes etc listed on these badges. 

Do you laser engrave yours? Do you type them.

Any assistance and advice is appreciated! 

Thanks Everyone!

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That’s a great idea! I’m going to look into black clips (I use black mesh walls) for use with my clear name badges. I don’t like the way they currently don’t hang straight. This should fix that. 

Mine are done the hard way, but worth it. I print the tags on high gloss photo paper, business card size, and print 10 per 8.5x11 sheet of paper. They are separated with a light gray dash line so I can cut them out after I mount them on a piece of black foam-cor. I slice them apart using a sharp box knife and a steel ruler. I then attach velcro to the back and just stick them on the ProPanels. They appear to float off the panels and look like they're typeset. 

Robert, I am all in on the black foam core. I agree that will look fabulous! I would love to see a picture of yours if your willing to share.


I print out a word doc description and price, print it on a good quality card stock, use spray adhesive to tack the entire page (pages) to fome core, then use my mat cutter to cut out the individual tags.  I have a large roll of velcro dots (about 3/4" I think) and use two of the 'tooth' side dots on the back of each tag - sticks nicely to the propanels.  I also use those dots for info sheets - bio, 'about the work,' etc. throughout the booth.

Thank You CC!

Very helpful. I appreciate your assistance! 

I print Avery labels, business card stock size with title, medium, and price and slide them into standard clear name badges with pins on the back. Then I just stick the pins into my mesh walls next to the paintings.

Thanks Sheila. Thats almost exactly what we were doing with the mesh panels. We wanted to "kick it up a notch" with some new ones. So far I have read some great ideas! 

Thanks again

We ordered 2.25 x 4.25 pieces of mar board from Dixie Matting.  Clear 2 x 4 labels preprinted fit nicely, when I reorder. I'll have the edges tapered.  We have also used the blank sheets precut for printing your own business cards.

Hi Chuck - I'm a little late to this thread, but I agree - there are a lot of good ideas on here.

What I've been using are 3/4" x 6" label holders (although you can get them in different sizes).  They come with inserts.  I print out the names and prices of the pieces I need for the show on the inserts.  Then, for the next show, I only need to change out those pieces that sold for new ones.  I put a piece of velcro on the back and stick them next to the painting on the ProPanel.

Forgot to mention that I cut the label holders down to 2" or 3" long pieces, depending on what I need.


I would love to see an image of your tags. Can you post one?


Hey Check - here you go.  The first one shows what I use - the 6" label and the inserts, along with a front and back of a label once I'm done with them.

The second is the front of the label package, in case you're interested.  I get them from US Plastics; the item number is on the front of the package.

If you have any other questions, glad to help.



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