ISO Flourish soft walls with 8 ft. wall height, or mesh panels (with 8ft wall height) for a Trimline tent. I’m located in Central Florida and will drive to pick up. Will also consider paying for shipping, if that’s an option. Thank you in advance, David

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  • Hi David, Are you still looking for Pro-Panels? I've just posted my system for sale here.

    • Hello, do you have white mesh panels with stabilized? 10/10//10? 

  • Hi there! I live in St Lucie County and I have Flourish black soft walls for sale. There are three walls as well as the StaBars and carrying case. Only used once. Paid $1350 for everything, and I would sell for $800. Let me know if you are interested! 

    • Hi Kristen, thanks for the response. Are your black soft walls 7 or 8 feet tall?  Also, do you have pictures? Please feel free to message me here. -David

      • David, I apologize for not getting back to you. I've been really sick for the past couple of weeks. I will get your over photos as soon as I can, but if you end up purchasing them somewhere else I completely understand.

      • Hi David, 

        I will be happy to get you over more information and photos as soon as I get home today or tomorrow. 

        • Hi Kristen!  I'm Vicki in Orlando. Do you still have the black mesh walls available?

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