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I am considering buying Greg Lawler's personal consultation for advice and critique on my pics. Anyone out there that's used this service. I would like to know if it's worth it, as it's $200-$300, not exactly cheap. I like that he will give you he's suggestion for Top 10-25 shows to apply to that will best suit your work, but ofcourse that still doesn't mean I'll neccessarily get in. Im so tired of losing money on jury fees for not getting accepted, so i don't just wanna jump into this.

Please be a sweetie and get back with me, thanks much:)

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I belive Larry Berman offers this service at  .  I'm unaware of Greg Lawler so can't comment on his services.

Why thank you Annette. I do and don't charge for it. I actually responded to her other post. I also recommend Bruce Baker who does consulting, has been a juror for high end craft shows and does workshops and seminars on everything from booth design to marketing.

Larry Berman

As part of a workshop I attended, I got 10 minutes or so with Bruce Baker.  He was spot on where I needed to improve my work.  Although I wanted to hear everything was fabulous, Bruce didn't mince words and was a real help to me as I grow my business.  I also purchased his audio cd's which are also excellent. 

Larry Berman does my images and is great!!  He is a wealth of knowledge and loves to share it.  He is a great resource for us all and has helped me get into the shows that I am now doing. 

I only know Greg from his website so I can't comment on his consultations.

Have not used the personal consultation service, but we did go through the Virtual Jury with Bruce Baker as our Juror.  We found his input to be well worth the money, including the fact that we needed a new photographer. 

Jean, I notice from your homepage that you live in Atlanta. I am partnering with Patrick Dennis from AFFPS (the group that puts on such Atlanta area festivals as Chastain Park, Festival on Ponce, Piedmont Park and others) to offer a booth photography shoot later this month or early in Feb. We will provide an indoor warehouse space for you to set up your booth using your own tent (or you can use one of ours) and you will receive a booth setup consultation from Patrick from his perspective as an experienced show juror and show promoter, and I will provide a professional photograph of your booth to be used for your show applications, including a Zapp-ready image. (You can look at my Art Booth page on my website for a few examples.) 


Exact dates and cost (definitely under $200 though) have yet to be finalized but if you send me your email address I will make sure you receive notification when we send them out.

Barry Vangrov


Thanks Barry, my e-mail is  I know Patrick, done some of there shows. I would love a pic for Zapp, as Zapp seems to have become the "Enemy",lol!  Sounds like a great idea, keep me posted.

Thanks for your response!

Jean: If you've done AFFPS shows in the past then I'm sure you're on the master email list but I'll make sure you get a notification. Probably within a week.

Hey Jean, I would definitely recommend Robert Watson (he is a virtual juror with AFSB). He is honest, and, current on his suggestions. Baker is a bit dated. I use Greg's books, but can only afford to buy them every third year. When I do, I always order custom books. I ask for non-zapp shows-gives me a broader spectrum of what's out there.

Custom books? I didn't know there was such an option! I get a regional one, but there are a number of unrated non-starters in there.


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