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Happy New Year.
Grateful to be a new member of the tribe. About to get back into the festival circuit. starting off with a  couple of Paradise City Festival shows here in New England this Spring. Would love to connect with members who have experience with those shows. Also, I desperately am in need of a ful Pro Panel booth (1010) setup, ..Have placed an ad about that. Thanks for any leads regarding that..

I'm a painter, primarily abstract oils on canvas. Occasionally I lean toward my musical side and paint and dye guitars. Check them out at

I look forward to talking with you about shows, social networking..galleries vs. selling our own work,etc. Would love to hear your insights and experiences regarding how to best take advantage of the show exposure to collect new fan/customer info for email/social network following,etc. Anyone using QR codes at their booth..?

thanks again for the nice welcome.

all the best,

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Welcome Scott!  Glad you're here.

About "how to best take advantage of the show exposure to collect new fan/customer info for email/social network following,etc."

I am there to sell my work.  The way I see it, if they love what I do, I don't have to work to convert them to a fan or customer, etc.  They will buy and want to follow me on social media.

Hi Cindy,

thanks for taking the time to reply and for the welcome..much appreciated.

I couldn't agree more. What I was seeking help with is the practical side of it. How to make it easy for show goers to connect with me after the show.. Been awhile since I did a show and I'm sure some things have changed. Back in the day, lol, we put out a clipboard or sign up sheet. I'm sure that is still viable but was wondering if people are using other effective methods.

Hi Scott

No QR codes any more, really. Unnecessary. YOu can if you wan tbut unnecessary.

I have had experience with the Paradise City Art Festivals. But as a potter, my experience may not be applicable to your situation. It really depends what your objective is. Sales alone? Gallery connections? 

Good luck with your search for pro panels.


Hi Donna,
thanks for your input. much appreciated.
I have recently had some horrific experiences with galleries. The worst imaginable. Two very reputable galleries that closed the doors and disappeared with all the artist's work.

Also, they have so inflated my prices that my work wasn't moving.

I am only recently getting refocused on my art career having to make a living for a number of years running a design/build landscape company. For now I am maintaining an association with a couple galleries who are local to me and have strong relationships with. For now they have access to the type of collectors who can purchase my larger work. So I'm not entirely opposed to finding representation at the shows, but my primary objective is to sell my own work, eliminate the middle person. Since dropping my prices(50%) to wholesale couple months ago, my work has started to move...and that's through social network postings and some exposure at local non-gallery venues. I realize this goes against the grain of the gallery business model but now seeing dramatically that the inflated gallery prices were way off.


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