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Hey Y'all,

I am a newbie in the Art Fair world.  I create sculptural yet functional boxes, mirror frames, bud vases and other "object du'stuff" in wood, metals & ceramic... see my work at (comments on my work or my website would be appreciated - even if they are harsh - I can take it) 

I currently exhibit in 2 galleries and so far have had 3 rejections from big shows - It doesn't feel good but I did get some feedback when I sent in a request for comment - so now I am going smaller scale local to San Francisco shows to apply.  I was just reading some of the stories on this discussion board about rejections and the short  time in front of juries (6 seconds!!) and I understand that the process is clearly daunting...

BUT I am not writing now about self-promotion but rather asking for some advice and referral. At this point I am showing a nice (?) rendering of a proposed 10 x 10 tent ( see below) and I know I need to get a tent 'cause my drawing is not going to keep the sun or rain off me in reality... 

So two questions:

Do you think this rendering is sufficient or will I be dismissed out of hand??

Does anyone know a source for a good folding tent?


Thanks in advance for your input...


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Keep up the good work, Peter. I checked out everything on your website and enjoyed all very much. Loved that picture frame, too. See, I'm a picture frame designer and maker. Here's one I'll be gilding with 22.5 Kt. gold tomorrow. It's an Italian Renaissance "Sansovino" style frame that has been two and a half months in the making/carving. I make frames exclusively for my wife's drawings & paintings. WOOHOO!

Barry, your carving is luxurious! really nice and I'd love to see it with the gilding...

If your frame is that cool what does your wife's art look like? can you send me a link?

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the kind words, Peter.



The link goes to the repro of the artwork, but the frame is for the original drawing which is sold.


very have a very talented partner! ...and your talent ain't so bad either...

How's the gilding coming?

Gilding completed yesterday morning from 6:30-11:30 with 22.5 Kt. gold. I can't feature the finished work on my website until I deliver this to the collectors in two weeks. WOOHOO!


I looked at your website and your work is really, really nice. As others have said, you will need a real booth and you should have professional photos. I too suggest Larry. If you are really planning on making this a full-time endeavor, I also suggest that you might want to think about an agent for the creative arts. I use one and have gone from street shows to museum shows in less than two years. By having someone such as an agent, I use Mary at EXLR8ART ( you can free yourself from the research on shows, get constant feedback on booth designs, even have your agent apply to shows for you.

As been said, AFI is the BEST place to get a quality booth at a reasonable price ( I also like Trimline). Lastly, do not forget lights. I have seen so many artists' booth look like the black hole of Calcutta on a dark day. Lights attract customers.

Good luck and welcome to the circuit!



Thank you for the appreciation... now I just need to get it photographed well enough to get the various juries to like it as well.  Thanks also for introducing the concept of an agent...think I'll get some feet under me via the art fair shows to start tho.

I am really thankful for yours and all the other advice I've been given. It warms me 'art...(full pun intended)


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